Virgil Abloh, Ambassador and Infiltrator – .

Virgil Abloh, Ambassador and Infiltrator – .

In recent years, he could often appear as if there were several Virgil Ablohs, all working at the same time. There were the multiple annual collections of Louis Vuitton, of which he was the artistic director of men’s clothing, and Off-White, his own brand, which he had founded while still in Kanye West’s orbit. There were seemingly endless collaborations, with brands as disparate as Nike, Ikea, Evian, Rimowa, Vitra, Chrome Hearts and more.

And perhaps just as important, there were his daily Instagram missives. Apparently no one has posted more than him – a few dozen images about his story, easily, consisting of new designs, new music, screenshots of conversations, adapted photos posted by the super famous and adapted photos. published by the unknown. He was a geyser of ecstatic creativity.

What he was doing did not flaunt his ubiquity and success, but rather offered the model for how to replicate it. The community of ideas did not meet in private, he knew that; it was fortified by exposure to the sun and scrutiny. His mind was constantly restless, and his solution was to create a real-time archive, which anyone could absorb.

Take a look around you at the way young men now think about clothes, design and music, and how these activities overlap: it’s hard not to see Abloh everywhere.


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