Vikings “gather information” on marital dispute involving Dalvin Cook – .

Vikings “gather information” on marital dispute involving Dalvin Cook – .

Editor’s Note: The following story deals with sexual assault and may be upsetting or offensive to some readers. If you or someone you know needs help, people in Canada can find province-specific centers, crisis lines and services here. For American readers, a list of resources and references for survivors and their loved ones can be found here.

The Minnesota Vikings say they have briefed the NFL and are “gathering information” on a domestic dispute involving running back Dalvin Cook.

“We recently received a notification from Dalvin Cook’s legal representative regarding a situation that arose between Dalvin and a female acquaintance in November 2020 and led to an ongoing dispute between the parties,” a statement from the Vikings, obtained by Adam Schefter of ESPN, lit. “After learning of this, we immediately informed the NFL. We are in the process of collecting more information and will withhold any further comments at this time. “

Details of the dispute were made public in a report released by the Star Tribune Tuesday evening. According to Star Tribune article, a former girlfriend filed a lawsuit against Cook accusing him of bodily harm and forcible confinement. A lawyer representing Cook refuted this allegation in a statement to the Star Tribune, instead accusing Cook’s former girlfriend of abusing her client.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

In an interview with the Star Tribune, Staff Sgt. 1st Class in the US Army Gracelyn Trimble accused Cook of “giving me a concussion, leaving a scar on my face and putting me through hell.”

According to Star Tribune, the lawsuit says Cook and Trimble had an intermittent relationship after meeting on a Florida beach in 2018. On November 19 last year, Trimble flew to Minnesota to break up with Cook and reclaim some of his business. She claims that Cook got angry with her after asking for her help moving some of her things and he “grabbed her arm and threw her whole body on the sofa, slamming her face against the bed. coffee table and causing her lower forehead and the bridge of her nose to open. “

The lawsuit then says that Trimble attempted to massage Cook, but he overpowered her and turned the mace on her, putting it in his eyes. She then went to take a shower where she was allegedly assaulted again. According to the lawsuit, Trimble then entered Cook’s room, grabbed his gun and called a friend. The lawsuit claims that Cook heard her make the call, threatened her and beat her with a broomstick.

The lawsuit says Cook took Trimble to the airport the next day and covered her injuries with a hoodie, sunglasses and a face mask. She sought treatment for her injuries on November 25 and told medical staff she was in an ATV accident. The lawsuit says that while she was being treated for her injuries, Trimble was told she had a concussion as well as several deep cuts and bruises.

Neither Trimble nor Cook reported the incident to police. According to Star Tribune, the lawsuit also includes text messages allegedly between Cook and Trimble, one from Cook saying “I know what I did can be rewound … If you want to go to the police, I will respect the fact that I will take my punishment what I did! “

Cook’s attorney David Valentini disputed the allegations of the trial when he was hit by the Star Tribune, saying that Cook was defending himself and other guests at his Trimble home.

“We are confident that a full disclosure of the facts will show that Mr. Cook did nothing wrong and that any injuries Sergeant Trimble may have sustained that evening was the result of Sergeant Trimble’s own unlawful conduct.” Valentini wrote in a statement to the newspaper.

The Star Tribune reports that the lawsuit was filed on Tuesday after attempts to negotiate a settlement between the two sides failed to find a solution.

This is not the first time that Cook has been involved in an assault case against a woman. According to a 2017 story published in Illustrated sportsCook was charged with punching a woman outside a bar in 2015 while a sophomore at Florida State University. Cook pleaded not guilty to the assault charge and a jury found him not guilty in August of that year.

The Vikings selected Cook 41st overall in the 2017 NFL Draft. In five seasons with the team, he rushed for 35 touchdowns averaging 86 yards per game. In November 2020, the Vikings and Cook agreed to a new, five-year, $ 63 million contract that makes him one of the highest-paid running backs in the NFL.


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