Vikings coach Mike Zimmer says 49ers ‘held on all the time,’ says 49ers TE George Kittle – .

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer says 49ers ‘held on all the time,’ says 49ers TE George Kittle – .

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Did the uncalled retainer penalties help the San Francisco 49ers en route to their great offensive performance against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday? Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer seems to think so. Zimmer told reporters after his team’s 34-26 loss to the 49ers at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara on Sunday that the 49ers frequently stood throughout the game and that officials were inconsistent in calling penalties. Zimmer made the comments after being asked about runs made by 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel, who had six carries for 66 yards and two touchdowns during the game.

“I think we got misaligned on that one (race). The others were – these guys hold up all the time, so they grab us by the waist, grab our back, ”Zimmer said. “The officials, they don’t want to call it every game, but until they start calling every game, they won’t stop calling it. “

The 49ers were called on to five penalties during the game, including two for offensive detention. Both calls were on duty Laken Tomlinson.

Zimmer wanted to see more detention penalties than that and was sometimes on the officials’ ears during the game for this reason.

“Most of the time, that’s what I was talking to them about,” Zimmer said.

49ers tight end George Kittle was asked about Zimmer’s comments during his post-game media session. He seemed to disagree with Zimmer’s assessment, then added that he was also being held up… then had a few words for Zimmer at the end.
“I think if you put your feet and hands in there just because a guy is spinning and waving your arms, it just doesn’t hold,” Kittle said. “He’s just flopping. You can watch a lot of passing games; I felt I had received a hold call over there on a pass road. It’s football, you know? The referees throw flags, the referees do not throw flags. It’s just the game. If you’re going to sit on the sidelines and complain about holding on all the time, I’d tell your guys to make better games. Hold on or not, the 49ers were very successful in throwing the ball against the Vikings on Sunday, totaling 39 carries for 208 yards (5.3 on average) with three touchdowns. Rookie Elijah Mitchell led all rushers with 27 carries for 133 yards and a touchdown. The 49ers racked up 423 total yards on offense against the Vikings, their running performance helping them greatly to dominate possession time (37:07 to 22:53) in the win.

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It was a playoff atmosphere at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara on Sunday as the Minnesota Vikings and San Francisco 49ers battled for position in the NFC Wild Card race, and in the end it was the 49ers who came out on top. proved up to the task as they outlived the Vikings in a 34-26 shootout. The Vikings and 49ers entered the game at 5-5 this season and controlled the No.6 and No.7 seeds in the NFC playoff table, respectively. The 49ers answered the bell with a combination of efficient attacking and big plays on defense in the two teams’ first meeting since their 27-10 victory over the Vikings in the 2019 NFC Division playoff round. The 49ers were 14-7 behind at the start of the game but managed to equalize before half-time before taking the lead for

The San Francisco 49ers haven’t asked Jimmy Garoppolo to carry the team in the last handful of games, and the veteran quarterback has played his best football of the season. On Sunday, he enjoyed another solid outing as the 49ers outscored the Jacksonville Jaguars, winning 30-10. Garoppolo completed 16 of 22 passes for 176 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. His 126.3 passer rating was his second highest this season, with his highest rating coming in the team’s last game, a 31-10 victory over the Los Angeles Rams. “I think he played well,” head coach Kyle Shanahan said after the game. “He was very efficient. He made the right plays. [He] protected the ball, the most important. He did what he had to do to make us win. »Garoppolo launched

Last week, Hall of Fame member Steve Young was a guest on KNBR’s Tolbert, Krueger and Brooks Show. He spoke about talking (earlier that week) to Hall of Fame catcher Jerry Rice about what he had [Rice] thought of the 49ers. This apparently took place the day after the San Francisco 49ers were embarrassingly lost to an Arizona Cardinals team that many of their starters missed, including quarterback Kyle Murray. “I’m going, ‘What do you think?’ Young said. “He said, ‘There are no dogs.’ And I have to interpret that. There are no dogs in there. You watch the team continue, go, everyone is saying “OK”. Young went on to explain how the 49ers handled the

George Kittle finished Monday night’s game with five receptions for 50 yards and a 31-10 rout of the San Francisco 49ers against the Los Angeles Rams, their division rival. However, it was the piece below that went viral on social media. Von Miller vs. George Kittle— Warren Sharp (@SharpFootball) November 16


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