[VIDEO] The Rebirth of “Joe Millionaire” “For the Richest or the Poorest” – Fox – .

[VIDEO] The Rebirth of “Joe Millionaire” “For the Richest or the Poorest” – Fox – .

Joe millionaire comes back to Fox, and he brings his less well-off buddy with him.

The network is relaunching its short-lived reality show, TVLine has learned, but there is a twist: this time, 20 contestants will compete for the affection of two men … one of whom is a millionaire and the other is a Average Joe.

In 2003, Fox released the original Joe millionaire, in which bachelor Evan Marriott was portrayed as a millionaire looking for a bride. But Marriott’s wealth was a lie: he was actually a construction worker and sometimes an underwear model. He ended the season with contestant Zora Andrich, with whom he shared the million dollar prize. The couple did not stay together.

The makeover For the richest or the poorest, according to the official login line, “will feature two single men – one is a millionaire and the other is an” Average Joe “with little to his name. Twenty women will date the two, but they will have no idea who Joe is rich. As romantic bonds form and every man finds his perfect match, women must ask themselves what is more important … love or money? “

The revival will begin in January 2022.

“This revival of Joe millionaire represents a powerful combination: one of the most innovative and popular dating shows of all time with SallyAnn Salsano, who ranks among the most intrepid producers in the business, ”said Rob Wade, President, Alternative Entertainment & Specials, Fox Entertainment. “I have long admired Joe millionaire for its bold premise, and from the moment I joined Fox, I wanted to put it back in the spotlight in a whole new way for new viewers and fans of the original.

Do you want to watch Joe Millionaire: For the richest or the poorest? Hit PLAY on the video above, then hit the comments to let us know!


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