Valérie Plante wins a second term as mayor of Montreal, cementing a “new era” – .

Valérie Plante wins a second term as mayor of Montreal, cementing a “new era” – .

MONTREAL – Valérie Plante handily won a second term as mayor of Montreal, saying it’s a sign that Montrealers want more permanent change than you might think.

” What [voters] confirmed this evening, it is that the election of Projet Montreal in 2017 was not just a fluke, ”said Plante in a victory speech at 10:15 am.

“It was, in fact, the start of a new era, the start of governing Montreal in a different way… for the long term,” she said, and with “transparent” leadership.

With the vast majority of the votes counted at 11 p.m., Plante holds about 53 percent of the vote against 37 percent won by his challenger, former mayor Denis Coderre. About 50,000 votes separate them.

She declared victory shortly after 9 p.m. A crowd of supporters erupted into cheers at the Olympia Theater on Sainte-Catherine Street, where the Plante campaign team was gathered to await the results Sunday night.

In an enthusiastic speech, as the crowd continued to shout, Plante said voters also showed “we can run Montreal with a smile,” punctuating his speech with loud shouts and laughter.

She also did a victory dance at the end of the speech.

Since 2017, Projet Montreal has also “renewed, diversified,” she said, saying the incoming team of advisors is more diverse than the previous one.

Montreal “is the envy of the world for its quality of life and its commitment to ecology,” she said.

Plante spoke in French for the first 15 minutes or so of his speech, then switched to English for about a minute before switching back to French for a few more minutes.

“Montreal is a city of many diverse communities,” she said during the short English game.

This includes “groups that have their institutions and traditions long,” she said.

“You can count on us to be there and to represent all of you. “


Coderre started speaking at around 10:45 a.m., shortly after Plante. The two did not appear to have spoken – in her speech, Plante said she tried to call Coderre but the line was busy and she was sure they would “talk later”.

In a speech that focused on the health of local democracy, Coderre said he wanted to congratulate Plante but that the important thing is that his supporters are “part of the solution”.

Coderre, a longtime politician at the federal level before embarking on municipal politics, said he was alarmed at the extremely low voter turnout and said everyone who cares about the city must find a way to contribute to its future.

“Montreal needs love, Montreal needs help,” he said.

“I ask everyone (…) we have to transcend party politics” and get involved in various ways, he said.

” It’s worth it. “

Speaking later in English, he said he believed English speakers were feeling alienated right now and called for more unity on this front.

“I think the English community feels lonely these days,” he said. “We need to bring people back… instead of fueling the fire. “


Polling stations closed at 8 p.m. Plante was up nearly 30,000 votes at 10 p.m., winning 53 percent of the vote, with former mayor Denis Coderre holding 38 percent.

This is with about half of the total votes reported, or 1,900 out of 3,930 polling stations.

Plante and Coderre, who Plante ousted in 2017, have been clashing for weeks, with third candidate Balarama Holness lagging behind.

Ahead of election night, a poll this week showed Plante had risen six percentage points, but she and Coderre were exactly tied in the polls until just a few days ago.

Turnout in this election so far appears to have been very, very low – at 4 p.m. it was below 32%, and the final numbers have yet to be released. That’s 10 percentage points lower than the 2017 turnout.

At around 9:40 a.m., Quebec Premier François Legault posted a tweet congratulating Plante.

“I want to congratulate [Plante] on his victory this evening and his election as mayor of Montreal, ”wrote the Prime Minister.

“We will continue to collaborate on issues affecting the city. “

On Plante’s Facebook page, she simply wrote “Thank you Montreal” in a post at 9:08 am.


In a speech, Holness pledged that his party, the brand new Montreal Movement, would continue despite coming in a distant third place.

“Mouvement Montreal is here to stay and we are just getting started,” he said, speaking at around 9.45am, in a speech starting in English.

“For critics and opponents, this is the end,” he said, but for “enthusiastic” supporters who demonstrated for the party, “this is only the beginning”.

He also praised Plante and said people clearly trusted him, saying people now need to “come together” and his colleagues will continue to push the new administration towards “the arc of justice”.

Holness also said he hopes Montrealers will still have the chance, over time, to know those who have come forward for his party, since many of them are already “agents of change” in their neighborhood.

“People who are dedicated to social justice, who are dedicated to improving our environment, who are dedicated to building communities for all,” he called them, saying that the party was not about him. , one person, running for office, but promoting a new political vision. .


In her speech, Plante also spoke at length about what she heard during the election campaign and what her party is considering for her new term.

“It was four years ago that Montreal elected its first wife”, she added, and from now on, she will be “led by two women”, starting a song for Dominique Ollivier, who will be the new director of the committee. executive.

She also spoke about the importance of ensuring that Montreal remains a good and affordable place to raise a family.

In English, she said that certain issues are clearly a priority for all Montrealers, regardless of the region.

“During this campaign, I had the opportunity to meet Montreal leaders from all over the island, in all the boroughs,” she said.

“No matter where I was, the message was the same. We talked about the issues that are close to our hearts: housing, transport, the environment, our safety, but also our quality of life.

It’s a developing story that will be updated. Follow CTV Montreal’s live blog here.


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