Ultimate Fighter, RIZIN veteran Jake Heun sentenced to nearly 8 years in prison for drug trafficking – .

Ultimate Fighter, RIZIN veteran Jake Heun sentenced to nearly 8 years in prison for drug trafficking – .

The ultimate fighter Veteran Jake Heun has been sentenced to nearly eight years in prison after being convicted of drug trafficking in Australia.

News of Heun’s conviction and conviction was first reported by the Daily Mail, which added that the fighter will likely only spend just over three years behind bars due to the time already served with a period of non-parole of four years and nine months for sentencing.

Heun, 33, was arrested while importing 801 grams of methamphetamine, which was confiscated in France after a package labeled “bath gel and cologne” opened during transport. The package was destined for Heun’s previous address, which led to the police opening an investigation into the RIZIN and PFL veteran.

According to the report, Heun’s phone then revealed even more illegal activity as he engaged in alleged drug trafficking conversations with his girlfriend.

Heun then claimed he had just received $ 1,000 to receive the package before eventually pleading guilty to importing a commercial quantity of a border-controlled drug and another charge of trafficking cocaine.

The cocaine charge stemmed from conversations and additional photos uncovered on Heun’s phone, which included a photo of a package containing cocaine that he was mailing to his girlfriend.

Heun reportedly sent between 35 and 40 grams of cocaine in September 2020 and additional messages showed that he had also provided bartenders in Melbourne with cocaine to sell on his behalf.

The conviction came with a possible life sentence due to Heun’s connections to a drug ring that operated from Thailand, but the judge ultimately imposed a sentence of seven years and nine months in prison. Heun had already served 420 days after being jailed following his arrest.

Heun is expected to be deported from Australia following his release.

Huen has been an active fighter since 2011 with two previous attempts to join the cast of The ultimate fighter in season 17 and season 19. He also competed in the World Series of Fighting, PFL and recently competed in three fights with RIZIN in Japan with his last appearance in 2019.


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