Trump phoned Covid-stricken Chris Christie to make sure he wouldn’t be blamed for the infection, new book says – .

Trump phoned Covid-stricken Chris Christie to make sure he wouldn’t be blamed for the infection, new book says – .

Last October, while Chris Christie lay in a hospital bed amid a Covid outbreak at the White House, the former New Jersey governor and presidential candidate received a call from the president.
Instead of offering encouragement, however, Donald Trump seemed primarily interested in optics, according to Mr. Christie’s new book.

“Are you going to say you got it from me?” ” he estimate as the president said.

The story comes from Mr Christie’s new book Republican Rescue: Saving the Party from Truth Deniers, Conspiracy Theorists and Dangerous Joe Biden Policies, which comes out Wednesday. They are the latest dramatic development in the intermittent alliance between the two men. The independent has contacted Mr. Trump for comment.

The New Jersey leader has positioned himself in recent weeks as a prominent post-Trump voice in the party, if such a thing is possible. He said the former president was trying to “sow fear” among his fellow Republicans to admit the truth about the 2020 election.

Mr Christie has spent the past few weeks urging the GOP to drop its obsession with the 2020 election and the baseless claim that voter fraud stole a legitimate victory from Trump.

” And [Trump] wants to be a positive force in the future, he has to leave that other things are going. If he doesn’t, I don’t think he can, ”Mr. Christie Recount Le New York Times Saturday.

Speaking of force, the New Jersey Republican accused the former president of maintaining his grip on the party through fear, threatening any GOP member who dares to question Mr. Trump’s repeated election plots.

“Donald Trump’s own conduct is supposed to instill fear,” added Mr. Christie.

Mr Christie also blamed Mr Trump’s election misinformation for the January 6 riot on the U.S. Capitol, telling the Times, “As a leader, you need to know that there are consequences to the words you use. And that these consequences can sometimes be things that you cannot even anticipate. “

Chris Christie and Donald Trump have a somewhat tortured relationship, often becoming allies during election seasons before the two brash East Coast residents come face to face. Mr. Christie led the Trump Transition Team, then was fired, then headed the Trump administration’s Committee on the Opioid Epidemic and has since turned to attack Trump’s election lies.

At a recent rally for Jewish Republicans in Las Vegas, Christie hammered on Trump for keeping the party obsessed with “grievances of the past.”

Mr Trump, never one to take the slightest bit of insult in public, reacted quickly, saying that Christie “was just absolutely slaughtered by his claims that Republicans had to get out of the past, which is election fraud of 2020. Everyone remembers Chris left New Jersey with a record low 9% approval rating, and they didn’t want to hear that from him!

(While it is not known where Mr. Trump got the 9 percent figure, Chris Christie was indeed the least popular governor of New Jersey in history.)

Not to be outdone, Mr Christie responded to Mr Trump in a recent interview with Axios, retorting that at least he had been re-elected.


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