Trump complained his son Barron wouldn’t say he loved him and compared him to unimpressed ABC News reporter – .

Trump complained his son Barron wouldn’t say he loved him and compared him to unimpressed ABC News reporter – .

Veteran ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl said Donald Trump once compared him to his son Barron, who he said wouldn’t say out loud that he loved his father.
Mr. Karl shared the bizarre anecdote during a CNN appearance New day promote his book Betrayal: The Trump Show’s Final Act.

Presenter John Berman asked Mr. Karl if there were any weird or overlooked stories in the latest much talked about and discussed book, revealing what happened behind closed doors during the Trump administration.

Mr Berman referred him to a meeting he discussed with the then president of the Oval Office in his capacity as head of the White House Correspondents Association.

“And you went with Zeke Miller, another reporter, right, to talk to then-President Trump because he was sort of thinking about going to the House Correspondents’ Dinner.” Blanche, ”Berman said. “And you write about this conversation. “

Mr. Berman read an excerpt from the book: “The former president says ‘Jonathan is very cool.’ He told Zeke Miller, “He’s like my son.” Trump then re-enacted a conversation with his son. “Do you love your father? I do not know. But he does. But he’s so cool, kids.

He continued, “Donald Trump, it seemed, was comparing me to his teenage son, Barron, and he was comparing my lack of enthusiasm about his possible appearance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, to his son’s reluctance.” to say out loud that he loved him. “

Mr. Karl replied, “I mean, it was, there were a lot of surreal moments. I can’t say if it was the most, but it was definitely in the top, the top five.

The conversation took place in early March 2020, when Mr Karl and Mr Miller were summoned to the Oval Office the week before the shutdown of the United States and much of the world due to the rising tide of the pandemic of coronavirus.

The couple were called in to discuss the dinner, which Mr Trump had skipped in previous years as president and which was celebrated by former President Barack Obama in 2011.

Being left alone to wait for the president while he was picked up by staff only added to the strangeness of the situation, he said.

Eventually, Mr. Trump appeared and met them for an hour to discuss whether or not he would attend the annual event.

Mr. Karl recalled: “I didn’t even invite the guy. I wasn’t sure I wanted to invite him. He had called the press the enemy of the people.

“I wasn’t going to beg him. I wasn’t even going to ask him. I just said, ‘We respect your decision. If you want to come, you are welcome. If you don’t want to come, that’s fine, ”Karl said.

“And it’s all this weird exchange where he’s talking about his son that doesn’t mean he loves him.” “

” He is. It’s strange to say the least, Mr Berman said, also noting: “And by the way, he has an hour to spend with you and the pandemic is breaking out all over the world. “


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