Trump Chief of Staff Meadows to cooperate with Capitol Attack Panel, Report Says – Live

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Meadows’ attorney George Terwilliger said in a statement to CNN that there is now an agreement between the two parties on how information can be exchanged in the future, stating that his client and the committee are open. to engage in a certain set of topics as they work. how to deal with information the committee is looking for that may be within the privilege of the executive.
But the deal could be fragile if the two sides disagree on what inside information is. News of the deal comes as lawyers for Trump argued in a federal appeals court in Washington that the former president should be able to assert executive privilege over committee records.
“As we have done from the beginning, we continue to work with the select committee and its staff to see if we can achieve an accommodation that does not require Mr. Meadows to relinquish executive privilege or relinquish the position of long-standing of this senior White House official. assistants cannot be compelled to testify before Congress, ”Terwilliger said. “We appreciate the openness of the select committee to receive voluntary responses on non-privileged subjects. “
Terwilliger’s revelation comes as multiple sources tell CNN that Meadows has shown willingness to cooperate and stepped into a new position with the committee. The deal is a milestone in the once-stuck relationship that comes after months of back-and-forth between the two sides.


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