Trieste, center of anti-vaccine protests in Italy, is now a Covid hotspot – .

Trieste, center of anti-vaccine protests in Italy, is now a Covid hotspot – .

After its central role in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Trieste served as a pivot point between the empires and as a crossroads of Italy, Central Europe and the Balkans.

At the turn of the 20th century, it was a hotbed of the Italian movement to reconquer “unredeemed” land on the peninsula and across the Adriatic. (“Viva l’Italia! Viva Free Trieste!” Guglielmo Oberdan, shouted gibbet after failing to assassinate the Austro-Hungarian emperor in 1882.)

After World War II, the United States and Great Britain controlled Trieste, loath to let it fall into the hands of Communist Yugoslavia. They finally handed it over to Italy in 1954. A huge sign “Welcome to the Free Territory of Trieste” in the center of the city is a reminder that some here still believe that the city was illegally annexed by Italy.

“If you look at Trieste, it’s always been a special place,” said Giacomini, who is not from the region, in an attempt to explain his independent streak against vaccination decrees from a government he said. compared to a dictatorship.

The experts here have called it nonsense.

“People who talk about independence – it has nothing to do,” said Piero Delbello, director of the Regional Institute for Culture of Istria, Fiuman and Dalmatian, as he checked the Green Pass of ‘a man looking for family records in his museum, which served as a vaccination center during the Spanish flu of 1921. “Let’s not look for historical motifs where there are none. “

He suspected that Trieste’s higher level of infections was more related to its geographical position and its common border with Slovenia.


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