Treatments against Covid in France “soon available” – .

Treatments against Covid in France “soon available” – .

President Macron said in his speech to the nation in October: “Because France, very early on, focused on finding treatments, and we ordered a lot of them well in advance, we are going to benefit from ‘a new weapon to fight against the virus with the arrival, at the end of the year, of the first truly effective treatments against severe forms of Covid.
The European Commission has just granted a marketing authorization for Regkirona, a drug based on monoclonal antibodies created by the South Korean laboratory Celltrion, and the similar Ronapreve, by the Swiss company Roche.

They have been found in trials to significantly reduce the risk of hospitalization or death of a vulnerable patient. Ronapreve had obtained a temporary authorization in France for immunocompromised people, from August of this year to January.

Other promising treatments are being developed around the world, including Molnupiravir, an American antiviral for moderately ill people, which reduces the risk of severe forms. The European Medicines Agency has recommended that it be authorized in an emergency.

France has ordered doses of molnupiravir and several other treatments, such as XAV-19, from the Nantes laboratory Xenothera (30,000 doses), which is the most advanced French project. The XAV-19 is intended for patients with moderate Covid, to avoid the worsening of their symptoms and the transfer to intensive care.

The laboratory is requesting an early access authorization from the French authorities and has declared The connection he has 20,000 doses ready for sale when that happens, which he expects no later than early 2022.

As the Covid pandemic continues, there are also fears that the flu will be particularly severe this year, adding to the pressure on A&E services. This is in part due to the drop in immunity after closures and curfews last year. People are encouraged to receive flu shots and Covid boosters at the same time.

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