Toxic air pollution in India prompts Supreme Court to act – .

Toxic air pollution in India prompts Supreme Court to act – .

“Can we suck up our air pollution problem with the help of smog towers?” The short answer is no, ”the researchers said.

Yet they are a tempting refuge for those desperate to escape the harsh city air.

As a coppery sun set behind a smoky sky, Jasmer Singh rested under a smog tower in central Delhi as he sucked in polluted air. A monitor measuring levels of dangerous particles showed the air he spat out was slightly cleaner, but nowhere near what the World Health Organization considers safe.

Yet Mr. Singh, a volunteer from a nearby Sikh temple, said, “The air here is good, lighter and better.

Some members of Mr. Modi’s party and the opposition say they want to take a serious and impartial look at the problem.

“The blame game will always be there,” said Vikas Mahatme, a BJP lawmaker Summarizing the attitudes of many politicians, he said: “Why should we care about other states? They are not voters to consider.

Still, it will be difficult to get all the parties to work together, he admitted. “We are not very active,” he said. “I tell you freely. “


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