Tottenham’s intense training, ruthless decisions – The perspective of Antonio Conte, Italian football expert – .

Tottenham’s intense training, ruthless decisions – The perspective of Antonio Conte, Italian football expert – .

Antonio Conte was named Tottenham’s new head coach on Tuesday after Nuno Espirito Santo was relieved of his duties on Monday morning after a 3-0 loss to Manchester United.
Spurs have won five and lost five of their first ten Premier League games this season, with four of the losses coming in London derbies that lacked energy and passion.

The Italian signed an 18-month contract and explained his enthusiasm for his move to north London.

“I am extremely happy to return to training, and to do so at a Premier League club that has the ambition to be a protagonist again,” he said in the club’s official statement.

“I can’t wait to start working to convey to the team and the fans the passion, mentality and determination that has always set me apart, as a player and a coach.

The 52-year-old’s first two appearances are against Vitesse in the Europa Conference League and Everton in the Premier League on Sunday, both of which come before the third international break of the season.

After the confirmation of his appointment to Tottenham, Journalist Emma de Duve has spoken to two Italian football experts about their thoughts on the new head coach and how he can lead the Lilywhites to success.

Chloé Beresford

Chloé Beresford produced a podcast on Conte ahead of his appointment on Tuesday morning and provided some insight into what kind of manager the Italian is.

You used “ruthless” to describe Conte when managing a team in your podcast. Do you think it will work well at Tottenham?

I think Conte’s cruelty will work well at Tottenham. He’s good at improving results in the short term and will be very blunt about which players will work in his system and which won’t.

He will get the most out of those he wants to work with. If the team fought for confidence under Nuno [Espirito Santo], he’ll fix it right away.

You mentioned that the press compared Conte to Mourinho, but the latter was not very successful at Spurs. Do you think it will be different with Conte and why?

I can see why the press compares [Antonio] Told to [Jose] Mourinho but in reality you cannot compare Conte to anyone else. He’s the most motivated individual I’ve ever seen in the game – and that doesn’t mean Mou is a cinch!

I think Conte is a better choice for Spurs than he would have been for United in fact, and I think he will do better than Mourinho out of sheer force of will and an absolute belief in his system.

You also talked about Lukaku and how Conte got the most out of him at Inter. Harry Kane is struggling to find form and goals this season, what effect do you think the Italian could have on Kane?

I have no doubts that Conte will have a huge impact on Kane’s form. Each member of their team has a very specific role and all the movements in that role are repeated over and over again until they are perfected. This should ease the burden of responsibility on Kane as he will know exactly what is expected of him – which will be mainly to put the ball in the net. The way Conte plays should make it easier for him.

Antonio Conte was announced on Tuesday as Tottenham’s new head coach.

Nima Tavallaey

Nima Tavallaey is an Italian football expert and journalist who represents 1/3 of the Italian football podcast: @itafootpod.

Antonio Conte plays a different formation than Tottenham have started to get used to under Nuno Espirito Santo, in a 4-2-3-1. How well do you think a 3-5-2 or similar works for Conte and do you think that will continue with Spurs?

Antonio Conte is an ideologue whose ideology bears the name Calcio Verticale, vertical football. To achieve this, his ideal formation goes from 3-5-2 without [possession] in 4-2-4 when attacking.

He is very aware that the dynamics of the Premier League are very different from that of Serie A and therefore he will also use a 3-4-2-1 / 3-4-3.

To be completely honest, this Spurs side is perfectly suited to their training and tactics with the exception of 2-3 rookies. One in central defense, central midfielder and top to help him play the way he wants. Franck Kessie, Marcelo Brozovic, Dusan Vlahovic and Stefan de Vrij are all players who I think will soon be linked with Spurs, in some cases they already have.

What do you think are the key attributes of Conte as a manager that he could bring to Tottenham and lead the team to success?

Professionalism in every sense and in all aspects of the term. It is incredibly difficult and demanding to work with and for, but he gives more than he demands.

What you get with Antonio Conte is what you thought you get with Jose Mourinho.

The level of training in terms of quality and work will increase drastically as well as the mentality that it will instill in the team. He’s a tactical genius who plays incredibly difficult and demanding football, but when it works it’s poetry in motion.

Spurs will be a high-intensity pressing team that will chase the lives of their opponents and any player who doesn’t buy into that won’t see the pitch until they do what they want them to do, whoever that player is. .

It’s a whole new era in N17 under one of the best managers in the world

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Tottenham have won five and lost five of their opening ten Premier League games this season. What do you think is the first area that Conte could work on when he starts working with Spurs players?

No doubt the organization. Conte’s teams are incredibly well organized and disciplined. Second, the mentality. He will explain to them how to approach the game on and off the field.

Third, the intensity of the training will increase to match the intensity on the court which will also increase. I really think it’s a golden opportunity for Dele Alli primarily and to some extent Harry Kane to rediscover his form in the case of the latter, and to relaunch his career in the case of the former.

They must be fully committed to the cause of Antonio Conte, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in training and in the field. 99% is not good enough. It’s 100% all the time you went out as a team, that’s the most important thing for him.

Essentially, Antonio Conte’s teams are like an orchestra, each instrument plays a small but equally important role in creating a beautiful symphony, where Conte is the conductor.


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