Tory adviser uses Liverpool bombshell photo to poke fun at Jeremy Corbyn – .

Tory adviser uses Liverpool bombshell photo to poke fun at Jeremy Corbyn – .

A Tory adviser has faced backlash for using a photo from the Liverpool bombing scene to mock Jeremy Corbyn.
Paul Nickerson shared the photo on Twitter on Monday night, which showed an image of Mr Corbyn holding a photoshopped poppy wreath in another photo of the burning car used in the Liverpool bombing.

Mr Nickerson has since deleted the tweet and issued an apology on Twitter Tuesday morning. The message read: “I would like to apologize [sic] for a political tweet sent from my account yesterday that upset some people and I apologize wholeheartedly to everyone involved.

In another deleted tweet, the Conservative East Riding of Yorkshire adviser initially blamed hackers for some of the messages coming from his account on Monday evening.

He said, “My apologies for the series of inappropriate direct messages that have been sent from my account, they are not from my hand – normal service has now resumed, I have over 1000 notifications, so please forgive any further delay in this. the answer. “

The original tweet drew a lot of backlash, with some users filing formal complaints with the East Riding Council. One user tweeted:

“Absolutely horrible Tweet from an elected @Conservateurs Councilor. I contacted the president and vice president of @East_Riding Council tonight at [email protected] & [email protected] Whatever your personal “policy”, this is totally unacceptable.

Some Twitter users also shared that they were blocked by the advisor when they replied to his original tweet, calling his post offensive.

Aaron Bastani, co-founder of Novara Media, tweeted: “I was blocked by this conservative adviser for saying it was not acceptable for an elected official.

“@Councillorpaul_ doesn’t care what happened in Liverpool where innocent people could have been killed. Too many idiots like that in local government.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council has yet to issue a statement regarding Mr Nickerson’s tweets.


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