Tina Tintor identified as woman killed in Henry Ruggs accident – .

Tina Tintor identified as woman killed in Henry Ruggs accident – .

When Tina Tintor crossed paths with Raiders star Henry Ruggs on Tuesday morning, the two were a few miles from their family’s home.

Clark County real estate records show Tintor and Ruggs have been living a stone’s throw from each other since at least April, when the once promising young footballer bought his $ 1.1 million home in the Del Rey estate. , about 3 miles north of the home that Tintor’s family have owned for nearly two decades.

Neither would come home that morning.

Two Las Vegas police reports related to the crash were released on Wednesday, offering a clearer picture of a fatal encounter that turned the lives of two families upside down and sent shockwaves throughout the NFL.

Before dawn, with a waning crescent moon hanging over the Las Vegas valley, Tintor drove his Toyota RAV4 along Rainbow Boulevard, his dog in the backseat, toward his family’s house-lined neighborhood. built in the 1970s.

At the same time, according to reports, a flashy Chevrolet Corvette Stingray driven by the 22-year-old football player raced down the busy road, closing in on Tintor’s SUV. His longtime girlfriend, Kiara Kilgo-Washington, was next to him in the passenger seat, police said.

The couple, who share a young girl, had been drinking mai tais at Topgolf Las Vegas hours earlier, according to videos posted to their social media accounts and a drunk driving report prepared by police.

His girlfriend later told investigators they visited a friend’s house after leaving Topgolf.

The green Corvette caught the attention of two men as it crossed the intersection of Rainbow Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue: Alexander Hart, a security guard at a nearby condominium complex, and Glen Allen Moffitt, who was in at a Chevron gas station around the corner. .

Moffitt would later tell Las Vegas police that he “guessed that the speed of the Corvette was over 100 mph”.

According to Ruggs’ girlfriend, as they approached Tintor’s SUV, he hit the brakes and shouted, “What is this guy doing?

Hart told police he heard a crash shortly after seeing the Corvette speed past, and he jumped into his security vehicle, heading for the scene.

“Such a violent force”

The noise Hart heard was of the Corvette slamming in the back of Tintor’s SUV “with such violent force,” a Clark County prosecutor said Wednesday as the RAV4 caught fire.

Ruggs, who was not wearing a seat belt, was traveling at 156 mph just seconds before the crash, over 110 mph over the speed limit in the residential neighborhood, according to his arrest report. When the Corvette’s airbags inflated, it had “slowed” to 127 mph.

The impact sent the RAV4 down the northbound lanes of Rainbow Boulevard for more than 570 feet before coming to rest just south of Spring Valley Parkway, the arrest report said. The crumpled two-door Corvette sped almost 520 feet before coming to a stop near a boulder wall.

As the vehicle fire spread near the intersection, a Dodge Durango pulled over to help, according to reports. The occupants of the Dodge were soon joined by Hart, the security guard.

In total, according to the archives, at least three passers-by had stopped at the intersection to help Tintor.

When Hart arrived at the crash site, according to the arrest report, he heard screams coming from the RAV4. The driver was still alive, he told police, but was trapped inside the SUV. None of the passers-by was able to get her out.

Eventually they had to back off as the smoke and heat from the flames suffocated the RAV4. Tintor and his dog died in the SUV, authorities said. She was 23 years old.

Michael Leone, a longtime resident of the area, watched these scenes unfold from his backyard while on the phone with a 911 dispatcher.

Leone was in bed when he heard a “boom,” he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Tuesday.

When he peeked over the wall in his garden overlooking Rainbow Boulevard, he said, a wreckage site appeared: the car fire and the mutilated Corvette, which was broadcasting loud music, were only drowned out by a female voice crying for help.

As passers-by tried to help Tintor, Ruggs hung onto the driver’s side of the Corvette with his feet on the floor and “his body stretched out on the road,” according to reports. He and his girlfriend were seriously injured and were treated at the University Medical Center.

When police arrived at the crash site, Ruggs refused to participate in a field field sobriety test, according to reports. Instead, two blood tests were then taken at the hospital. A prosecutor said Wednesday the football player’s blood alcohol level was more than double Nevada’s legal limit for drivers.

“A terrible, terrible collision”

Once at the hospital, Ruggs was placed in trauma bed No.1, where investigators reportedly attempt to interview him around 4.30am.

According to the drunk driving report, Ruggs repeatedly shouted “No! From his hospital bed when investigators asked him if he remembered what had happened.

“I asked Ruggs if he could open his eyes, which he did not respond to,” police wrote in the report. “I asked Ruggs where he was going, to whom he said he was going home. “

Police noted in the report that he was hammering his words.

Ruggs was released from the hospital on Tuesday afternoon and was held at the Clark County Detention Center shortly after 2:10 pm He faces charges of impaired driving resulting in death and reckless driving.

On Tuesday night, the Raiders would announce that Ruggs had been released from the squad, ending his career with the organization in a one-sentence statement.

He confronted those close to Tintor for the first time during his initial appearance Wednesday morning in Las Vegas court. He was wearing a neck brace and was guided into a basement courtroom in a wheelchair.

“The family is torn apart, as anyone would be,” Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson said after the hearing. “It was a terrible, terrible collision, so they mourn their loss. They are in mourning. They are crazy.

Few details were known about Tintor on Wednesday, although Wolfson said: “I don’t think she was married or has children. A parent later told the Review-Journal in a text message, “We are not ready to comment on anything at this time. “

Meanwhile, cars crossed Rainbow Boulevard again more than 24 hours after the collision. Passers-by who are unaware of the accident might wonder what the neon markings on the sidewalk represent.

Over several hundred meters, the lines followed the trajectory of the two vehicles involved in the accident. Plastic debris and remnants of car parts remained strewn everywhere, while tiny shards of glass were seen where the wreckage remained for more than 12 hours on Tuesday.

A small memorial consisting of two bouquets of flowers and a candle rested on the sidewalk.

Contact Rio Lacanlale at [email protected] or 702-383-0381. To follow @riolacanlale on Twitter. Review-Journal editors Ricardo Torres-Cortez and Katelyn Newberg contributed to this report.


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