Tiger Woods hopes to play PGA TOUR again – .

Tiger Woods hopes to play PGA TOUR again – .

Woods set the golf world on fire on November 21 with a quick three second video post of his swing with the caption “Make progress”.

Tiger and his son Charlie took part in the event in 2020 for the first time and finished seventh. It was the last event Woods played before the crash as he underwent back surgery shortly after.

The video interview shows Woods walking unhindered, but the 15-time overall winner downplayed that luck by suggesting that his rehab still poses a long, long way to go.

“I have so far to go. … I’m not even halfway there, ”he said. “I have so much more muscle building and nerve development than I need to do in my leg. … I am able to walk on my own now, but I still have difficulty going up or down. The next progression is can you walk without a hitch in your dizziness… well, this is going to take some time.

“I can steal and putt and do other things, swing clubs, but there is no endurance. Because I haven’t developed it yet, especially golf endurance. I haven’t done it enough, so I’m getting tired. When this leg, my right leg is tired, it’s time to close it.

With the previous five back surgeries also affecting his progress, Woods continues to grind.

“As the leg strengthens, the back can sometimes react. … It’s a difficult road, ”he added. “But I’m just happy that I can go over there and watch Charlie play or go out into the yard and have an hour or two on my own with no one talking, no music, nothing.” I just hear the birdsong. I missed that part sorely.

Woods says 12-year-old Charlie’s progress in the sport was a motivator during his recovery and that he enjoyed being a mentor. Although he was unable to join him in a full playing capacity, he took the opportunity to give some of the mental advice that was imperative in his success.

“I’ve been to golf tournaments to watch him play, and I look at some of these scores he’s shooting and I said, How the hell do you score that high? I have to go check this out, ”Woods said.

“So I was watching him play and he’s doing really well, he’s got a bad hole, he’s losing his temper, his cool takes him to another hit and another hit and it gets worse.” I said, ‘Son, I don’t care how crazy you go. Your head might explode as long as I care as long as you’re 100% committed for the next shot. It’s all that matters. That next hit should be the most important hit of your life. It should be more important than breathing. Once you understand this concept, I think you will improve yourself. And as the rounds continued through the summer, he got so much better.


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