The Sussexes never intended to “become Trappist monks and take a vow of silence” – .

The Sussexes never intended to “become Trappist monks and take a vow of silence” – .

Ms Afia appeared on screen in response to press claims that Meghan had been ‘difficult’ to work with and intimidated her staff, leading to the departure of employees from her household.
The claims emerged in 2018 and are the subject of an ongoing review at Buckingham Palace.

The Duchess “would not want to deny anyone’s personal experiences”

However, Ms Afia claimed there were “massive and massive inaccuracies” in the story.

“What bullying really means is using power inappropriately repeatedly and on purpose to hurt someone physically or emotionally,” she said.

“The Duchess of Sussex has absolutely denied ever having done this.

“Having said that, she wouldn’t want to deny anyone’s personal experiences. “

Ms Afia admitted that it was “really difficult to prove a negative result” and show that you had not bullied someone just by denying it.

Elsewhere, the episode examined coverage of Meghan’s trip to New York for a baby shower, the use of private jets by the Sussexes, and the renovation of Frogmore Cottage, the couple’s home in Windsor, which Jonny Dymond, the correspondent BBC Royal, said was “used as a huge stick to beat Harry and Meghan”.

Mr Scobie claimed someone had asked him before if he was on Team Sussex or Cambridge, adding: ‘Sometimes you have to choose because the story you bring back goes against the story that another household or helper wants there. “

He added, “You have to remember that the person telling the story shapes the story. “

Ms Afia said she had never seen any evidence that ‘personal agendas or animosity’ in the way the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were portrayed, but noted that they were ‘good business’ And claimed that negative headlines do better online.

“I think all of that feeds the cover,” she said.


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