the NHL’s point of view on the investigation “totally lacking in truth” – .

the NHL’s point of view on the investigation “totally lacking in truth” – .

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said on Monday that the investigation triggered by Akim Aliu’s tweets in 2019 that former Calgary Flames coach Bill Peters used the N word to express his displeasure with Aliu’s choice of music “is over.” Daly added that the league had been in contact with Aliu’s representatives regarding “the next steps arising from this investigation, if any”.
Aliu’s legal representative, Ben Meiselas, challenged Daly’s qualification.

“Akim wants accounts, and Akim wants the truth,” Meiselas said in a telephone interview with Athleticism Monday. “And transparency.

“What we saw today was totally lacking in truth and raises serious doubts about the whole process.

“The fact that we are here – essentially two years later – after Akim has presented a detailed account of the racism he has experienced throughout his career is alarming and disappointing and an accusation against sport and leadership there that this investigation seems to have no legitimacy.

“Today really highlighted that. “

Aliu played for Peters in the AHL for the Rockford IceHogs in 2009-10. In November 2019, Aliu tweeted that Peters, who then coached the Flames, used racist language when he was Aliu’s coach. Peters stepped down as the Flames coach later in November.

On Monday, after Daly said the investigation was over and the league had been in contact with Aliu’s representation, Meiselas tweeted: “It’s news for me and it’s not true. I’m Akim’s representative and the NHL hasn’t been in contact with us for over a year.

Meiselas also tweeted that the investigation was not limited to Peters but dealt with broader issues of racism that Aliu had experienced during his “entire NHL career”. Meiselas, on Twitter, also provided screenshots of the NHL communication from November 2020.

(Photo d’Akim Aliu : Frederick Breedon / Getty Images)


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