Stranger Things season 4 teaser shows dangerous California spring break – .

Stranger Things season 4 teaser shows dangerous California spring break – .

Netflix has unveiled a new take on the fourth season of Stranger Things in the form of a teaser that provides a glimpse into the new lives of Eleven, Will, Jonathan and Joyce in California and the dangers of their upcoming spring break.
Revealed on Twitter, the teaser comes with the words, “We’re having the best spring break ever.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

As with the other seasons of Stranger Things, this new life in California is anything but normal. As the teaser begins with Eleven writing a letter to Mike telling her how wonderful her first 185 days living in California are, we quickly see that it’s quite the opposite.

As spring break approaches, it seems Eleven is still struggling to make friends and fit into school. On top of that, the teaser also shows shootouts, a spooky doll, shattered windows, Eleven being held by two men in costume, an underground base, explosions, and more.

This teaser follows one that was released during TUDUM: A Netflix Global Fan Event that focused on another location in Season 4 – the Creel House. This house was the home of Victor Creel, a man who became an inmate at Pennhurst Psychiatric Hospital after committing a grisly murder in the 1950s.

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