Storm sweeps areas of Trans-Canada Highway in southwestern Newfoundland – .

Storm sweeps areas of Trans-Canada Highway in southwestern Newfoundland – .

A culvert between Doyles and South Branch is completely destroyed. (Submitted by Carl Bissonnette)

The Department of Transportation reports several washed out roads in the Codroy Valley area, including two parts of the Trans-Canada Highway near Doyles, after a rainstorm hit the southwest coast of Newfoundland overnight.

The ministry reported the following road closures:

  • Trans-Canada Highway five kilometers southwest of Doyles intersection, both tracks are washed away.
  • Trans-Canada Highway 16 kilometers southwest of Doyles intersection, one lane was washed out.
  • Trans-Canada Highway 25 kilometers northwest of Port aux Basques.
  • Route 406-11, Doyles Station Road, alternate route available.
  • Route 413-01, St. Andrews Road, an alternate route is available.
  • Loch Lomond Road, one lane is closed.
  • Upper Ferry Road, one lane is closed.

The storm has already dropped 93 millimeters in Port aux Basques at 6:30 a.m. (NT) on Wednesday, according to Rodney Barney, a meteorologist at Environment Canada’s meteorological officer in Gander.

“Further into the Codroy Valley we have a report of 125 millimeters,” Barney said, adding that he suspected much higher amounts of rain falling on the mountains.

Barney said the rain is expected to intensify early Wednesday morning as meteorologists expect the system to bring a total of 150 to 200 millimeters of rain to the area.

“We expect another 12 to 18 hours of rain,” he said.

“It looks like during the morning hours, this is probably when the most intense part of the shower activity will happen for today, and then gradually calm down as we move into the shower. afternoon and evening. “

Barney said an additional 50 to 80 millimeters of rain could fall, with up to 150 millimeters over areas of high elevation.

Winds blew to over 130 km / h in the Wreckhouse area, but eased slightly Wednesday morning to around 90 km / h, Barney said. He said the wind is expected to pick up later Wednesday morning.

Most of the precipitation is confined to the southwest corner of the island, meaning the Port aux Basques area and as far east as La Poile can anticipate the storm to continue to soak communities.

In a press release, the RCMP said teams from the Department of Transportation were working in areas of Codroy Valley to assess the damage.

Areas of the Trans-Canada Highway near Doyles and the Codroy Valley are washed away by the storm. (Troy Turner/CBC)

“All I could hear was the creaking of the pavement”

Ryan Moore, who lives in Doyles, was driving on a stretch of road Tuesday night when the asphalt under his truck gave way.

“I was a bit shocked. [The] airbags and it all went off and I jumped, ”he said.

“I looked behind me and there was just a black hole behind me… all I could hear was the creak of the pavement, it was dark so I couldn’t really see what was going on. “

Moore said he actually sold this truck earlier today. Now it’s a total cancellation.

Ryan Moore was driving his truck on a stretch of road near Doyles when the asphalt beneath him collapsed. (Submitted by Ryan Moore)

He said he almost made it through the culvert when it collapsed, his front wheel shattered and the truck bounced off hard ground on the other side.

“I have driven this road my whole life and something was wrong,” he said.

Moore is safe. He used a nearby neighbor’s house phone to call home. He said a tow truck should be able to get his now abandoned vehicle off the road by early Wednesday morning.

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