stop using the ‘Ka Mate’ haka – .

stop using the ‘Ka Mate’ haka – .

A Maori tribe in New Zealand calls on anti-vaccines to stop practicing the “Ka Mate” haka to get their message across, Agence-France Presse reports.

Groups opposed to the COVID-19 vaccine have reportedly used traditional performance at vaccine protest events.

The Ngati Toa, an indigenous tribe based in Wellington, the country’s capital, are the guardians of the “Ka Mate” haka under New Zealand law. Perhaps the most famous of the various rituals, the “Ka Mate” haka is performed by the New Zealand-based All Blacks rugby team before each match.

In a statement, the Ngati Toa criticized the use of traditional representation for political purposes.

“We don’t support their position and we don’t want our tupuna or our iwi associated with their posts,” the tribe said in a statement, referring to their ancestry or “tupuna,” according to CNN.

They added, “Our message to protesters who want to use Ka Mate is to use a different haka. We do not endorse the use of Ka Mate for this purpose. “

Protests against COVID-19 restrictions and vaccines have intensified in New Zealand of late, with nearly 3,000 people taking to the streets of Wellington last Tuesday in opposition.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is said to have spoken out against the protests, in which a woman bit a policeman, claiming that the protesters only represented a small part of public opinion.
“What we saw today was not representative of the vast majority of New Zealanders,” she said.


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