Spoilers for Days of Our Lives from November 29, 2021 to December 10, 2021 – .

Spoilers for Days of Our Lives from November 29, 2021 to December 10, 2021 – .

We have the last Days of our lives spoilers from Monday November 29 to Friday December 3. Someone searches for a confession while another tries to discover the identity of a kidnapper. In addition, an astonishing discovery is made, a man is savagely attacked and a mysterious hiker approaches three Salemites!

Days of our lives spoilers week of November 29:

Days Soap Box: MarDevil dominated last week, sidelining other storylines and the surprisingly sweet bond of the DiMera family that we almost forgot about.

Days of our lives spoilers for Monday, November 29:

In today’s recap, Maggie finds Brady with a drink, MarDevil convinces Ben and Ciara to run away with her, and John gets angry.

If there’s one thing we know about MarDevil, it’s that she’s a hell of a troublemaker. (See what we did there?) Today, even as a desperate John tries to find his wife, his godless inhabitant pulls Ben and Ciara deeper into his web of lies!

Still operating under the mistaken impression that Chloe and Brady slept together (that’s what you get for listening!), Philip tries to get his girlfriend to admit his girlfriend. At the same time, Maggie does what she can to try to help Brady.

Days of our lives spoilers for Tuesday, November 30:

Like us, Sami wants to know who is holding her hostage. Unlike the rest of us, she has a plan to find out. But will she really be able to just coax the truth out of her custody? If the blonde has any hope of saving her marriage, she should find a way to get back to Salem right away, as EJ and Nicole are getting closer by the day… and that will continue once he opens up to her!

Kristen prepares a new escape. Who will be dragged into his last plan?

When Susan receives an unexpected visitor, will it be someone she will be happy to see?

Days of our lives spoilers for Wednesday, December 1:

When Alex makes a major discovery, could it be the information Gwen sat down on regarding the true fate of her true love, Sarah?

Sami is ready to take a break… but how far will she really go?

Gwen and Ava may seem like the last people you’d expect to form an alliance … at least until you start to think about the fact that they’re both women with a penchant for intrigue. Will working together advance their individual goals or cause a hell of a mess?

Lani walks past Salem Police to visit her friend Kristen.

Days of our lives spoilers for Thursday, December 2:

When John and Paulina compare their notes on Marlena, what conclusion will they come to? Meanwhile, despite knowing that her husband Ben is close to Marlena, Ciara tells her that she feels like something is wrong with her favorite shrink…

They may not be father and daughter anymore, but Lani and Abe still feel a lot of affection for each other. Will they be able to forge a new relationship after speaking?

Philippe, Philippe, Philippe. You understand that if you continue to test Chloe’s loyalty, sooner or later she will disappoint you, right? Then again, that’s probably what part of him is hoping for!

Days of our lives spoilers for Friday, December 3:

Something tells us that all eyes will be on Philip after Brady is brutally attacked!

Well color us intrigued by this particular teaser: Apparently Marlena, Ciara and Ben are about to meet a “mysterious hiker …”

When Paulina opens her heart to Abe, will he be able to forgive her? Or was the lie she told and the pain it caused just too big?

Eli and Lani have disturbing news about Kristen. (Which shouldn’t come as a big surprise to them, considering that ‘disturbing’ is pretty much the only type of news you tend to get about the vixen!)

With the way things are going for some couples in Salem, they might need some relationship advice. Check out our photo gallery below for some romantic celeb tips of the day, then get all the latest Days of our lives exits and returns in the same place!

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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