Solid performance on Xbox Series S – .

Solid performance on Xbox Series S – .

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta was recently released for free on Xbox and PC, and it was a blast. I did not play Halo game since Halo: scope on the Xbox 360, and it’s great to be back.

There has been a ton of hype around Xbox consoles lately, especially with Halo Infinite multiplayer and Forza Horizon 5 fall recently. Since I have been a PlayStation user for many years, I couldn’t play any of these newer games. So, about a week ago, I convinced myself to buy the Xbox Series S, and I really enjoyed it. Of course, it’s not as powerful as the X-series or the PS5, but for $ 300 this little machine is great.

However, one of the biggest things I was concerned about was how Infinite halo would play on the S series. After getting used to Call of Duty: The Vanguard running at 120 fps on the PS5 and recognizing that the S series is not as powerful as other new gen systems, I was a little worried that the game would be choppy and not perform well.

It turned out that I didn’t need to worry about this at all. Halo Infinite The multiplayer beta works great at 60 fps really stable. I have to admit, however, that there are some points where I can see a slight stutter, like when I reload the Skewer weapon. However, all the places where it drops very slightly are certainly not revolutionary.

As I have just purchased the S series, I was not there to check out the previous beta versions. I have seen a lot of posts and comments on how Infinite halo previously had a 120 fps mode on the S series, and it makes me very slightly sad that the 120 fps option is not currently available. Who knows, maybe it will be added later. Until then, however, the S-series’ 60 fps are still phenomenal.

Here are two tips for getting the best performance out of the S-Series. Both of these can be found in Halo Infinite The settings.

  • Put it on Graphics quality (under Settings -> Video) to Performance.
  • Turn Blur and screen shake (under Settings -> Video) at 0%, or at least very low.
    • Disabling blur and screen shake makes the game much better.

Overall I am very happy with the way Infinite halo works on Xbox Series S. Would 120fps be good? Absolutely, but it is already working very well. I can’t wait to play the campaign in a few weeks, but for now, multiplayer is on my mind.


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