Snowstorm leaves dozens stranded in remote UK pub

Snowstorm leaves dozens stranded in remote UK pub

The episode gained worldwide attention and the hostel kept people in the know on Facebook. In an article published on Sunday evening, he jokingly called pub goers “inmates” and said “some are at breaking point”.

But Ms Townsend said that, for the most part, “everyone seems to be really, really happy”.

“The best way I can describe it is it’s like being at a party with all of your friends,” she said, adding that the hostel wouldn’t run out of food because it’s running out. supplies for the winter.

The people gathered shared roast dinners, a few beers, and even a buffet (on the house) with “a lot of difficult bits,” she said. Customers helped with the dishes and collected for the staff.

“We will ALWAYS remember this amazing group of people who came together and hopefully under difficult circumstances enjoyed what we all believe to be a life-changing experience,” another Facebook post said. .

This is not the first time that there is snow at the hostel. Ms Townsend said this also happened on New Years Day in 2010. Waitrose & Partners, a UK grocery chain, filmed an advertisement at the hostel in 2017 featuring snow-capped pub goers enjoying a meal together.


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