Simona Halep recalls heartbreaking 2019 BJK SF Cup loss to France – .

Simona Halep recalls heartbreaking 2019 BJK SF Cup loss to France – .

Former world No.1 Simona Halep has confirmed that she plans to return to the Billie Jean King Cup in 2022. Romania will face Poland in a qualifying match next April and Halep plans to represent her country and d ‘trying to help his country secure a place in the Billie Jean King Cup finals.

Halep won both of her singles matches in the 2019 semi-final against France in 2019, but it still wasn’t enough as France escaped with a 3-2 victory. Halep admitted defeat in France was difficult for her. “One hundred percent for the draw with Poland.

I really want to win, I think we have a chance to qualify for the final tournament. I suffered a lot after this draw with France in 2019, I dreamed of the trophy. But we are trying again, ”said Halep, per Treizecizero.

Halep’s season ended in disappointment

Halep reached Linz’s semi-final in her last tournament of the season before injuring her knee as she was forced to forfeit her opponent.

“Unfortunately, I am not able to play my semi-final after injuring my knee in my match yesterday. I would do anything to be able to play, but it’s swollen and painful and playing will only make it worse. I want to say a huge thank you to the tournament and to the fans here, ”Halep announced ahead of the Linz semi-final.

Halep attracted a lot of attention when she took the train to Linz. “Well, everyone’s talking about it but it’s not the first time I’ve done this. I do normal things. I separate tennis life from normal life.

I am a normal person and I like to do normal things. So it’s not difficult to take the train, I really enjoyed it. It was fun. I mean, I was with the team, I don’t like private jets. Either way, I’ve never taken a private jet because I like to stay normal, ”Halep explained to Linz.


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