Scientific table official suggests capacity limits may require precise adjustment – .

Scientific table official suggests capacity limits may require precise adjustment – .

OTTAWA – The head of Ontario’s COVID-19 science table has said it may be time to review some capacity limits in the province as cases of COVID-19 begin to rise.

Dr. Peter Juni, scientific director of the Ontario COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Table, told Newstalk 580 “Ottawa Now with Kristy Cameron” of Newstalk 580 that the recent increase follows two factors.

“The second honeymoon is over. We just need to be aware of what’s going on. We have, on the one hand, lifted the capacity limits in sports arenas and restaurants and, on the other hand, the temperature has dropped, ”he said.

“What we are seeing now is the result of lifting capacity limits and the drop in temperature and as a result we are now experiencing exponential growth in the province. “

Juni said it was a good time to remind people to follow other COVID-19 measures, such as the use of masks and the application of vaccination certificates.

“We can’t let it linger and we can’t pretend the pandemic is over,” he said. “If we do a little bit of the right thing, we’ll keep getting back on track. “

The seven-day daily average in Ontario was 476 on Monday, up from 371 the week before. The province recorded more than 500 daily cases Friday and Saturday and more than 600 cases Sunday.

Juni said the recent removal of capacity limits may be “a bit too much” at the moment.

“It was an experience. I have always been very frank about this, ”he said. “We’ll have to experience it and see if we actually tolerate it, if the vaccines have provided enough protection for us to do so. What we’re seeing now, with the temperature dropping and moving inside, is just a little too much. “

He suggested that capacity limits may need to be “fine-tuned” in the coming weeks.

“Restaurants might not like to hear this, and sports arenas might not like either, but in a few weeks we may have to have this difficult discussion and say, ‘Okay, we need to get back to just 50% of our ability, to physically distancing from tables again in restaurants. It’s a very fair possibility, to be honest with you, ”he said.

The Ontario Science Advisory Table’s COVID-19 dashboard shows Ontario’s doubling time for cases to be 17 days, meaning that in just over two weeks, if trends continue, the province could see about 1,000 cases per day, on average, Juni said.

“This is the nature of exponential growth,” he said.

“Things are not dramatic. Why am I saying this? Because our numbers of intensive care and hospitals are low, ”he noted. “If we’re on the wrong track… we don’t want to go… It’s not much we need to do, but we need to do a little something.

Juni said that in addition to fine-tuning capacity limits and strengthening pandemic safety measures, immunizing children and providing reminders to the most vulnerable would also help reduce cases and hospitalizations.


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