Roy Keane left furious for ’embarrassing’ Harry Maguire after England celebration – .

Roy Keane left furious for ’embarrassing’ Harry Maguire after England celebration – .

Roy Keane did nothing in his assessment of Manchester United defender Harry Maguire for his celebration in England’s game against Albania.
The out of shape United skipper nodded to score Reece James’ center opening goal before walking away holding his ears as he glided towards the corner flag amid criticism for his recent performances.

Other ITV coverage experts Ian Wright and Jermain Defoe also agreed that the defender’s actions were unwarranted.

Harry Kane’s hat-trick in the first half saw Gareth Southgate’s side reach half-time 5-0 at Wembley Stadium, but as both sides prepared for the second half it was are the actions that followed the first game that caused a sensation.

The defender’s criticism comes after Manchester United’s scorching formative spell only saw him win one of their last six Premier League games.

Keane, who didn’t hesitate to criticize Maguire, lamented the United man after scoring his sixth goal for the Three Lions.

“When a player scores puts his hands to his ears, it’s like he’s silencing the critics, but I think it’s embarrassing, he’s been a disgrace for Man United. He thinks he’s scoring there, he silences his critics, embarrassing, ”he told ITV. coverage of the World Cup qualifying match.

Former Arsenal striker Wright also didn’t appreciate the celebration, sending a message to the United man:

“I don’t think he needs to do it,” he added.

“It’s something I would have done, but you watch it now and think you don’t need to do it because you have a lot of football to play. Don’t give them the chance to say we owe them, just play your game Harry. “

Defoe concluded: “You don’t have to do it, he scored the goal, it’s a good goal. What it does is put a bitter taste in people’s mouths, they don’t like it. the opportunity to wait for this poor performance to attack him. “

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