Rivian R1T’s first real-world towing test shows 62% range loss – .

Rivian R1T’s first real-world towing test shows 62% range loss – .

The Rivian R1T just started deliveries before the end of Q3 2021. Now that owners have had some time with their Rivian pickups, real-world testing of features that are of interest to potential buyers are beginning. One of the most important is a real-world towing test to prove the loss of range, especially since Rivian has touted his vehicle as a capable and dominant all-terrain pickup capable of handling the most demanding tasks. more stressful.

Rivian claims a loss of range of “about 50%” on its website when towing. The R1T has a towing capacity of 11,000 pounds, which is relatively standard among pickup trucks in the industry. However, Instagram user @gideontherivian took it upon themselves to prove the loss of range, which obviously resulted in 62% battery degradation after just 118 miles of driving.

Crédit : @gideontherivian | Instagram, DriveTeslaCanada

@Gideontherivian’s real-world towing test involves an open trailer with a Shelby Mustang GT on it, according to DriveTeslaCanada, who originally reported the story. The Shelby and Rivian R1T, along with the trailer, vehicle occupants, and additional cargo, weigh a total of 14,260 pounds. The test is relatively extensive, as the trip goes from Detroit to Los Angeles.

It is important to note that towing is one of the most stressful tasks for an electric vehicle to perform, as it requires excessive energy from the vehicle to pull something with such enormous weight. These factors, along with the terrain of the road, travel speed, altitude and temperature can all contribute to the loss of range. It’s not just about shooting.

Tesla vehicles have undergone real-world towing range degradation testing, proving that EVs are still extremely useful for pulling, even if it’s just a sedan. Luckily for Tesla, the loss of range can be fought with the company’s extensive network of superchargers, which alleviates a lot of anxiety and concerns about driver range. Rivian’s charging network is still in development, but using Electrify America charging stations could give owners more confidence if they choose to take their new R1T for a potential pull test.

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Rivian R1T’s first real-world towing test shows 62% range loss


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