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After requesting and receiving his release from WWE just a few months ago, Ric Flair has made headlines several times by referencing AEW and teasing a potential appearance.
Just a few days ago, Ric Flair took to social media to state that if TNT was to get a rating, they should put him and CM Punk in a segment together on AEW. The 2x WWE Hall of Famer said a day later that they had no interest in signing with AEW and just shared the post for fun.

Fast forward to this week on the last episode of the Ric Flair Wooooo Nation Uncensored Podcast and the legend of wrestling has reopened that door. The Nature Boy revealed he told Vince McMahon across the way when he demanded his release that as long as the company didn’t do anything stupid with him, he would never work for the competition.

Since then, WWE has removed Ric Flair from the opening TV intro and has removed tons of its merchandise. Flair spoke about the prospects of joining AEW and revealed whether or not he had had conversations with Tony Khan to become All Elite.

“There was no discussion at all,” Flair said. “I said to Vince McMahon and my word is pretty much my connection: Unless they did something really stupid to me, I would never go to work for the competition. And now they’ve done some really stupid things to get that door to open. But I sure haven’t talked to Tony [Khan], I haven’t heard a word from him. I watch all the shows, I like the athletes and the people who participate in them, but I don’t actively chat with anyone.

“Yes, I would go work for Tony Khan but I will never go back to WWE. “

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