Queer people in love with a straight friend: stories – .

Queer people in love with a straight friend: stories – .


“When I moved home after college, I became very close to a friend who still lived there. It was a small town and there wasn’t much to do, so I spent all of my time with her. I was there for her when she was recovering from surgery. Her shitty boyfriend didn’t bother to come and support her and I had the time and desire to be there for her. We broke up when I returned to senior school and she recovered with her boyfriend (again). Our experience has brought me through a difficult time in my life and now I am more open and aware of how I feel for others. “

“We spent a lot of our free time together. We would play video games together, work out at the gym together, and make every effort to dress up to do something special together. I slept in his bed and just cuddled like three nights a week.

I had no idea what was going on because young, queer, repressed had never had the chance to experience this kind of thing before. I think she was feeling a bit lonely and my anxiety disorder was really bad at the time. We talk sometimes, but there is a distance – physical and emotional. We were really cute together, but I think we just met each other’s needs. —Anonymous, Calif., 29


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