President Joe Biden congratulates Big Bird on COVID vaccine as Texas senator accuses Sesame Street muppet of “propaganda”

President Joe Biden congratulates Big Bird on COVID vaccine as Texas senator accuses Sesame Street muppet of “propaganda”

US President Joe Biden weighed in after Sesame Street’s Big Bird was accused of spreading ‘propaganda’ by a Texas senator after the cartoon muppet announced he had been vaccinated against COVID-19 .

It comes after the The United States approved the Pfizer vaccine for children aged 5 to 11.

Writing on Twitter, the giant yellow bird – who is eternally six years old – said: “I got the COVID-19 vaccine today! My wing hurts a bit, but it will give my body an extra protective boost that keeps me and others healthy.

“Mrs. @EricaRHill even said I’ve been getting vaccines since I was a little bird. I had no idea! “

However, Senator Ted Cruz – who is vaccinated and once said “I believe in vaccines” – responded with, “Government propaganda… for your 5 year old!

However, President Joe congratulated the Sesame Street resident and said, “Yours sincerely, @Big bird. Getting vaccinated is the best way to keep your entire neighborhood safe. “

A number of right-wing Americans had crammed in after Senator Cruz tweeted, along with Steve Cortes, a host of the Conservative Newsmax network, adding: “This kind of propaganda is actually evil. “

Lisa Boothe, a Fox News contributor, accused the television animal of “brainwashing children who are not at risk of COVID.”

However, this is misleading because children are always exposed to the virus, although less than adults.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, as of October 28, 6.4 million children have had the virus and accounted for 16% of all coronavirus cases.

Data from the U.S. Center for Disease Control revealed that at least 471 children between the ages of five and 11 have died from coronavirus.

Mr Cruz’s comments came under criticism, with Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg responding: “Ted Cruz is doing the job of our enemies by spreading more disinformation that has killed more than 200,000 Americans this year.

“I can’t believe a sitting senator would have tweeted this. “

He later added, “If you start attacking Big Bird, I think that’s a pretty clear sign that you’re on the wrong side of the story. “

Other characters have joined the Big Bird vaccination campaign as well, with Sesame Street’s Rosita receiving her first dose of the jab.

This isn’t the first time Sesame Street has promoted vaccination, either, with Big Bird telling children to “don’t wait, get vaccinated” against measles in 1972.

US President Joe Biden called the decision to vaccinate the 28 million people between the ages of 5 and 11 a “turning point” in the pandemic.

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He said: “This will allow parents to end months of anxious worrying for their children and reduce the extent to which children pass the virus to others.

“This is a big step forward for our nation in our fight to defeat the virus. ”


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