Police seek help from doll fanatic suspect in kidnapping Cleo Smith, 4 – .

Police seek help from doll fanatic suspect in kidnapping Cleo Smith, 4 – .

Australian police have returned to the house where 4-year-old kidnapper Cleo Smith was discovered last week to investigate the existence of a second kidnapper involved in her 18-day kidnapping.
Last week Terence Darrell Kelly, 36, an avid Bratz doll collector, was arrested in far west Carnarvon when the young child, who went missing from his parents’ campsite on October 16, was found alone his home.

Kelly is accused of forcibly kidnapping Cleo, who was found on November 3 awake at 1 a.m. playing with toys in a room inside the house, 18 days after her disappearance.

Investigators told reporters at the scene they stayed in the house to collect more evidence after something led them to believe Kelly may not have acted alone.

New insight into who could have helped Kelly was revealed on Monday when sources said Daily mail that Cleo had revealed that a woman had visited the Tonkin Crescent duplex and allegedly helped dress her and brush her hair.

Senior Detective Sgt. Cameron Blaine had told reporters investigators were working to determine whether or not others were involved in Cleo’s kidnapping and were using specialists trained to interview young victims.

“That’s why we’re still here,” Blaine said. “So we are simply asking that if there was anyone who had contact with Mr. Kelly, if you saw him, if you met him, if you spoke to him on the phone during the relevant period. to make yourself known to the police. . “

Police have confiscated dolls, pencils and drawing paper from the house as part of the growing cache of evidence in what Australian media have dubbed the largest investigation in Western Australian history. Police also found a cell phone hidden in a bag, according to local media. Police said Monday that Kelly’s cell phone was instrumental in her capture and the girl’s recovery.

“So we put the phone data on license plate recognition data, CCTV, witness counts, forensics,” investigator Rod Wilde told reporters. “And when you stack them, you solve crimes and that’s just what we’ve done here. “

A 2020 interview with Indigenous elder Penny Walker, who raised Kelly (who is being held in a Perth jail pending formal arraignment on December 5), surfaced over the weekend. She describes how Kelly’s mother abandoned her and raised her in the house where little Cleo was found. Walker passed away in 2020. “I looked down on him. And this little boy, God was giving me something back in my life, what welfare had taken from me – my children, ”we can hear Walker, whose six children were abducted by state authorities, during the interview. “His mother didn’t want him and she threw him out. “


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