Pete Carroll has “a few complaints” about Sunday refereeing – .

Pete Carroll has “a few complaints” about Sunday refereeing – .

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The Seahawks were ruled out Sunday for the first time since quarterback Russell Wilson came to Seattle in 2012 and head coach Pete Carroll has raised concerns about a handful of calls made by officials Monday.

Carroll was on ESPN 710 to overcome the 17-0 loss to the Packers and said he had “some gripes” with the way officials handled the game. The first was the change of place on a Russell Wilson run in the first quarter that went from a first to a fourth and one. There was an injury time-out after the game and the point changed after what Carroll called “minutes and minutes and minutes,” going beyond “about 20 seconds to make those decisions to overturn an appeal that could have been wrong on the ground. “

After Aaron Rodgers missed a snap in the second quarter, officials ruled the Packers have recovered, but Carroll believes defensive end Darrell Taylor “got it from the moment the ball was on the ground” and that Rodgers went under him for the ball. Finally, there was a Kevin King interception in the end zone in the third quarter which was reviewed and confirmed after the ball came out as King came down. Carroll said “the guy has to finish the catch and I don’t know why it was viewed that way.”

“They were such a big part of the game yesterday,” Carroll said, via’s Brady Henderson. “They were a huge part of the game yesterday. So in an attempt to try to make sure that we’re really on the same page and working on it and calling the game together in a sense, you work on it over the course of the game. these guys have been around for a long time and they still show respect and i try to show respect too. They have a job to do and we have a job to do, and we have to find out. We don’t always agree, that’s for sure, and it happened yesterday.

The Seahawks had just 208 yards of offense in the loss and the defense couldn’t make saves in the fourth quarter, which would have given Seattle a chance to steal the game late, so there was many reasons to complain about the way things turned out. on Sunday.


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