People over 60 cut social mix because ‘selfish’ public shun face masks – .

People over 60 cut social mix because ‘selfish’ public shun face masks – .

Older people restrict social diversity due to concern over the “selfish” lack of use of face masks by those around them, activists have warned.

A survey of people over 60 by Silver Voices, a campaign group, found that 84% supported the return of mandatory masks in stores and on public transport.

Most of the 1,000 people who took part in the survey said that less than half of people wore face coverings on trains and buses in their area.

Dennis Reed, the director of Silver Voices, urged ministers to introduce mandatory measures. He criticized Boris Johnson for his recent public appearances in which he was seen without a mask in a hospital corridor and on a crowded train.

It comes as countries in Europe introduce strict restrictions on Covid, with Austria imposing a national lockdown and the Czech Republic and Slovakia ordering the unvaccinated to stay at home.

Mr Reed said: “Seniors are watching what is going on in the world and wondering why our government has such a laissez-faire approach to this simple protective measure. Many of us are again restricting our social mix and leisure activities due to selfish attitudes about full display in busy supermarkets and on buses and trains. ”

Research published in the British Medical Journal last week found that face coverings can reduce the incidences of infection by up to 53%.

Scientists are optimistic Britain will avoid a wave of European-style cases as it ditched restrictions during the summer months and had heavy use of Covid vaccines.

On Monday Nadhim Zahawi, the former Minister of Vaccines, said it was “absolutely the right thing” to open up the economy, while Sir John Bell, a government adviser, said “on the day of the freedom ”had“ given us longer term protection ”.

Sir John said he was convinced that business would be business as usual at Christmas, telling people to ‘order this turkey because everything will be fine’.


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