No containment for the unvaccinated in France, says Macron – .

No containment for the unvaccinated in France, says Macron – .

President Emmanuel Macron has ruled out imposing confinement on unvaccinated people in France.
It comes as a recent study showed that 60% of people polled in France supported the idea of ​​a lockdown for unvaccinated people.

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Speaking in an interview with La Voix du Nord, the president said: “The countries that lock up unvaccinated people are those that have not put in a health card. [system] in place.

“This measure is therefore not necessary in France.

“However, I think we all need to become ambassadors for immunization. Help me convince those who are still reluctant that they are shrouded in a lonely challenge.

Asked about the advisability of extending the offer of a booster vaccine to the entire French population over 12 years old, President Macron replied: “I am awaiting the opinion of the health authorities. For those who are older or who are immunocompromised, we know the benefits outweigh the risks.

“If a third dose proves to be effective and necessary for other population groups, we will integrate it into the health pass system. “

So – if the authorities recommend it – not only will the youngest be offered an extra dose, but they will be forced to receive it.

Booster doses will start to become a mandatory part of health passes for those over 65 and people who have been vaccinated with the single-dose Janssen vaccine from December 15.

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After this date, those over 65 who have received their second dose more than six months and five weeks before must have had a reminder to avoid deactivation of their health pass.

People who have received the Janssen vaccine must be reminded within two months of their first dose in order to keep their health passport.

From December 1, people aged 50 to 64 will also be able to receive a booster dose if they had their second more than six months ago, and reservations for these appointments are already open.

In France, 20,366 people tested positive for Covid yesterday (November 18), and the positivity rate of the tests carried out reached 4.1%, against 3.7% at the start of the week, according to Public Health.

There have been 3,003 hospital admissions and 682 intensive care admissions in the past seven days.

About 75% of the population has now received all the necessary doses of a Covid vaccine.

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