No.1 Dawgs manage Vols in final dominating rivalry win – .

No.1 Dawgs manage Vols in final dominating rivalry win – .

No.1 Georgia continued their domination of the college football world with a 41-17 victory on Saturday afternoon at Neyland Stadium. Running back James Cook had two rushing touchdowns, plus a 23-yard touchdown shortly before the end of the first half, to lead the Bulldogs to victory and keep them on track for the playoff seed. college football.

It was an outstanding performance for Cook, a senior who has been a complement to Zamir White for most of his career. Cook matched the rushed performance of his career, posting his second 100-yard game in the red and black.

Georgian quarterback Stetson Bennett IV, who made his sixth straight start for JT Daniels, finished the day 17 of 29 for 213 yards and a touchdown. Daniels is in good health and took pictures last week, but he did not see the pitch on Saturday. It’s entirely clear that this is Bennett’s squad until further notice, and it doesn’t look like he’s relinquishing the top spot on the Depths board anytime soon.

Tennessee came out hot and made things intriguing at first, but couldn’t hang on. Quarterback Hendon Hooker led the Vols on a 10-game, 77-yard practice that culminated in a 9-yard touchdown to open the game. They scored a field goal in their next practice to hit double digits on the scoreboard, and it looked like the big play offense could give this Georgian defense their first challenge of the year.

An early interception in the second quarter turned into a 9-yard touchdown by Bennett five games later, giving Georgia a lead they would never give up. Hooker finished the day 24 of 37 for 244 yards, one touchdown and one interception as the Dawgs defense limited the Flights to just 387 total yards and 4.6 yards per game. Tennessee entered the game averaging 7.15 yards per game in conference games, an SEC record.

Still, Tennessee’s 17 points are the strongest against Georgia this season. Let’s take a look at some other takeaways from the Dawgs’ victory over the Flights.

Georgia’s defense is legendary

A reader. That’s all Tennessee has. A reader. The Volunteers’ super-explosive offense was then brought to a halt by a Bulldogs defense approaching legendary status. The Dawgs have had six sacks in the last three quarters, which included periods without All-American defensive tackle Jordan Davis, defensive lineman Devonte Wyatt and linebacker Robert Beal Jr. Oh, and linebacker Adam Anderson was out. for the whole game after being suspended following an arrest this week.

No problem. All Georgia has done is harass Hooker endlessly, stop the rushed attack of the Flights, and further establish herself as one of the best defenses of the modern age.

It is to the point that the Dawgs redefine the definition of a shootout. This game seemed to go in that direction early on, but a slight tweak to put more pressure in the middle was all Georgia needed to turn this one into an old-fashioned slug festival… just like he intended. .

Neither team will score 30 points against Georgia this year. Nothing. Take a screenshot and send it to @OldTakesExposed if you like. Even when it seems like a possibility, the Georgian defense makes a slight adjustment or two and changes the game in the blink of an eye.

The book factor

Bennett entered the game with the second-most yards per passing attempt in the country behind only Grayson McCall of Coastal Carolina. He did a lot of work on the pitch on Saturday. Bennett scored his first rushing touchdown of the season in the second quarter and had eight carries for 40 yards, including 18 yards lost in two sacks.

That’s huge for Bulldogs. Is Bennett a professional prospect? Probably not. But he’s quite capable of expanding the field in depth when asked to do so, and the extra dimension of his legs makes him a nuisance to opposing defenses. It increasingly looks like we won’t see Daniels playing any meaningful snaps again this season unless something goes wrong for Georgia.

It’s okay, Tennessee

Tennessee, please take it as a moral victory. Please? It’s hard to do in a rivalry game, but there are so many positives to take from this one. Cedric Tillman had 10 catches for 200 yards and one touchdown despite losing fellow wide receivers JaVonta Payton for most of the game. This despite the Dawgs knowing full well that the Vols had to open things up from the air for most of the game.

Additionally, Tennessee has had the best performance against the Georgian defense of any team so far. Yes, Tillman’s touchdown to make it a 41-17 game came in a crazy time, but it was clear Georgia wanted to keep them out of the end zone even during their last practice of the game. Hello, Tennessee. You deserve it. Well, at least more than any other Georgia opponent this year.

Health before statistics

If there’s anything worth criticizing Georgia, it’s what happened at the end of the game. The starters were there when Tillman scored to make Tennessee’s most successful 17-point performance of any offense against Georgia this season. After that, the starters stayed in the game.

Why? The only answer must be pride. But what pride? Tennessee already had 17 points. Is it really that important to keep it under 20? Nope. What happened in the last few minutes? Wyatt, who had already been knocked twice during the game, was injured a third time and was assisted off the field.

Memo to Georgian coach Kirby Smart: Pride doesn’t matter. All that matters for this Georgia team is winning the national title. If that means winning a 56-49 shootout, so be it. Fans won’t care at all. I promise.


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