New York City delivers 2nd dose of COVID vaccine to public schools amid omicron concerns – .

New York City delivers 2nd dose of COVID vaccine to public schools amid omicron concerns – .

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) – Amid overwhelming demand – and growing concern about the emerging variant of omicron – New York City is offering second doses of the COVID vaccine starting today in These in-school vaccination clinics were so popular in the first round earlier this month that the city decided to bring them back to hundreds of schools, including PS 40 in Gramercy.
Clinics will offer second doses of the Pfizer vaccine to children as young as five. At present, just 16% of New York City schoolchildren aged 5 to 11 have had their first shot, and officials want to increase these numbers considerably.

The city’s popular $ 100 vaccine incentive applies to young people if they are vaccinated at a city-run site, including schools.

School immunization schedules are available at, and school leaders also send home communications with students.

Meanwhile, four months after the city hosted a massive reopening concert, Mayor Bill de Blasio is asking people to put their masks back on.

The city is strongly encouraging people to wear masks in all indoor settings as concerns grow about the omicron variant.

Covering your face is easy to do at the grocery store or the mall, but what about the gym or the bar? Wearing a mask will be less likely for many in these settings.

And so the mayor said it wasn’t a warrant – at least not yet.

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“We have published the mask notice to say formally, in a more way than we have done before, that it is time to use masks in many contexts,” he said. . “But the key strategy is vaccination. If anything changes, of course, a mask warrant is an option. But that’s not the one we’re using right now. “

The mayor says 88% of adults in New York City have received at least one injection and nearly a million have received boosters.

So far, New York has no confirmed cases of an omicron variant, but experts say it’s only a matter of time, with initial data suggesting that this variant could spread even more easily than the delta variant. .

Health experts say your best defense is vaccination and boosters.

“We don’t know exactly what’s going on with this variant, but I guess – and I think it’s a reasonable assumption – that when you get vaccinated and boosted and your level goes up drastically, you’re going to have a certain degree. protective, at least against serious illness, ”said Dr Anthony Fauci.

And New York City Health Commissioner Dr David Chokshi said something that is sure to grab people’s attention: “Preliminary evidence suggests those who have had COVID-19 in the past may be more easily re-infected with omicron ‘because of the amount the virus has mutated.

This is one more reason to get vaccinated.

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