New Spider-Man movie trilogy arrives with return of Tom Holland – .

New Spider-Man movie trilogy arrives with return of Tom Holland – .

After a period of uncertainty, producer Amy Pascal has now officially confirmed that Tom Holland will continue to play Spider-Man in other upcoming films.

Speaking to Fandango, Pascal confirmed that Sony’s partnership with Marvel will continue beyond No Way Home in December. In fact, a new trilogy is coming, she said.

“This is not the last movie we’re going to do with Marvel…[this is not] the latest Spider-Man movie, ”Pascal said. “We’re getting ready to do the next Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland and Marvel. We think of this as three movies, and now we’re going to move on to the next three. This isn’t the last of our MCU movies. “

Separately, Deadline’s sources have said that no deal has been made for a new Spider-Man trilogy. The report added that movie studios are expected to make new deals with Holland, Zendaya and director Jon Watts for any other films.

No Way Home concludes the trilogy that began with Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017. A sequel, Far From Home, was released in 2019, and No Way Home ends the trilogy when it arrives on December 17th. Tickets are now on sale.

Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man’s theatrical appearances. There was a period when Sony and Marvel found themselves in a bind regarding Spider-Man’s existence in the MCU, but the two ultimately agreed to the terms.

Based on Pascal’s comments, it looks like the deal will run for a long time into the future with at least three more Spider-Man films produced jointly by Sony and Marvel. As of yet, it’s unclear when the next Spider-Man trilogy will begin or what the storylines might be. We also don’t know if Holland’s Spider-Man could appear in other MCU movies in the future.

In other news, Spider-Man is coming to Marvel’s Avengers game, but there will unfortunately be no story missions.


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