New Blood” Season 9 Episode 4 Recap – H is for Heroes – .

New Blood” Season 9 Episode 4 Recap – H is for Heroes – .

Despite Dexter officially resolving his corpse link, Sunday’s episode of Dexter: new blood confirmed that the casual killer’s problems were only just beginning.

While Kurt’s daring lie about FaceTiming with his (dead) son Matt remains puzzled, Episode 4 focuses primarily on Harrison, as a school brawl may have prevented a deadly school shootout. As many residents of Iron Lake are quick to proclaim Harrison a hero, Dexter begins to dig, only to find out that things absoutely are not as they appear. Plus, who do we see leading another young woman to this spooky cabin in the woods? Read on for a full recap of “H Is for Hero” (and after that, be sure to click here for the shots of Michael C. Hall and showrunner Clyde Phillips on the episode).

Dexter and Debra can’t figure out why Kurt would lie about Matt, but as they scratch their heads, the “news” quickly spreads. Angela sits down with Kurt for more information, but the old man continues to weave his web of lies. The police chief obviously wants to speak with the suspect, but Kurt avoids this, assuring him that he will pay any fines owed to the Seneca people in retaliation for the dead deer.

Molly returns to the station and calls Angela’s advice “real Carrie-from-Country shit. Of course, Molly is still interested in the case, but Angela threatens to arrest her for interfering with the investigation. However, Harrison is connected to the podcaster’s previous episodes, including one episode that focused entirely on the Trinity Killer. As he listens to Molly recap Trinity’s well-known habits, a photo of Rita appears on his screen. Molly says the killer’s last known victim had a baby swimming in a pool of her mother’s blood. “How fucked up this kid is now, isn’t he?” ” she asks. I think we’re about to find out.

Shortly after, an alert informs everyone that the high school is in lockdown. All Angela knows is that there are multiple injuries and Harrison is involved. Dexter rushes to school to find his son alive, but with a stab wound in the abdomen. His friend Ethan was planning to shoot the school, but luckily Harrison intervened and shot him down. The cops find Ethan’s notebook, which includes a list of victims and incredibly violent skits.

At home, the teenager is shaken. Debra notes that despite Dexter’s concerns that Harrison might share his same killer tics, the boy is actually emotional, empathetic, and likable. “You are so different, it’s going to be impossible for you to have a relationship with your own son,” she laughs. The next day, Dexter gives the teenager his own interrogation. As Dex tells Deb, the stabbing doesn’t match the story the boy told Angela, so something’s wrong. ” You are off, ”she replies. ” He is normal. Dexter can only hope she’s right.

Dexter later visits Angela to study the photos of the crime scenes. He tells her that the guns they found hidden in Ethan’s house were items he sold to the child’s parents. Dex then goes to school to inspect the blood splatter and run a few scenarios – and the splatter doesn’t match. His New Theory: Ethan was the one trying to run away, and Harrison stabbed himself to sell his story. Why would he do that, Deb asks? “He wanted to know what it looked like,” Dexter replies. “It’s almost like he matches the code. (I mean, Ethan was have very violent thoughts.)

Kurt visits Dexter to give Harrison a drone. As the adults chat, Kurt says he would like to do something about Matt’s bad behavior when he was growing up instead of constantly bailing him out. He wants to raise “a horrible kid” and says it’s hard not to feel responsible for his child’s wrongdoing. Dexter blows he is aware of Matt’s boat crash and the deaths involved, but when he realizes he’s said too much, he pretends to ignore some of the finer details in the story. ‘story. After Kurt leaves, Dexter thinks, “This guy is fishing and I just had a snack.” “

Angela tells Dexter that Ethan claims Harrison just slashed him, but she doesn’t believe him; she’s moving forward with the case against Ethan. However, based on the photos, Dexter believes Harrison brought his own gun to school, as the cuts weren’t made with a hunting gun.

Molly finds one of Angela’s “runaways” with the help of her followers. While it’s a relief that one of the women arrived alive, Angela wonders if her conspiracy theory might be wrong after all. Molly presses her for more information, and Angela reveals that her best friend, Iris, went missing while they were in high school, and no one bothered to look for her. When Angela became a cop, she promised herself that she would be different. She always has a feeling that something terrible has happened to the rest of the women. Molly offers an alliance, which includes help from her army of armchair detectives, and Angela agrees. The podcaster pulls out his recorder and the two begin to compare their notes.

As Sergeant Logan leads an assembly with the foundlings on Ethan’s list, Harrison reminds the group that Ethan was also a victim, as everyone had bullied him for years. “I guess we both have two sides going for us,” he says. “Maybe we’re a bit of a hero and a bit of a monster. It all depends on which team wins at the end. As he speaks, we see Kurt accompanying a young woman to the compound where Lily was held captive before being killed.

Back home, Dexter goes through Harrison’s things and finds a razor, the same weapon Trinity used to kill Rita. “He’s got my black passenger,” Dexter confirms, as a mixture of emotions spread across his face.

Is Harrison pure evil or is something else brewing in Iron Lake? And is Kurt really responsible for all the missing women in town? Drop a few comments below!


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