New Apple Leak Reveals Exciting Future For MacBook Air – .

New Apple Leak Reveals Exciting Future For MacBook Air – .

While Apple’s new MacBook Pro laptops garner all the benchmarks and praise from critics, the MacBook Air has the opportunity to redefine itself as the cutting edge laptop for the average user. Thanks to the power of Apple Silicon, the Air Intermediate released last year has enough power for everyday use.
But with the details leaked about the next generation of Apple Silicon, the MacBook Air 2022 is starting to look like the Mac laptop you should be saving for.

Details on the upcoming Apple Silicon family have been released by The Information. Apple’s plans for the second and third generation chips promise continuous improvement in processor power. The new techniques, according to which some of the more advanced chips are that families will have two dies instead of one and therefore able to increase the number of processor cores, should allow Apple to stay on top of performance games for the next iterations of laptops.

Apple’s classic triumvirate of “good, better, better” is now featured with the M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max, all spread across most of the Mac lineup. We’re still waiting for an Apple Silicon-based Mac Pro, but there’s no doubt that a top-of-the-line M1 Max will be at the heart of this desktop monster.

So what does all of this mean for the MacBook Air?

I’d say we haven’t seen Tim Cook’s full take on an Apple Silicon-powered MacBook Air yet. The Air powered M1 that launched last year has retained almost all of the design of the previous generation of Intel machines. As more of the Mac lineup moves to Apple Silicon, it’s clear that the late 2020 MacBook Air will be the “bridge” between Intel and Apple Silicon.

Which means that the upcoming MacBook Air, the first that will likely follow the new design language of the MacBook Pro in late 2021 and iMac machines in early 2021, will not only look great, but far exceed the current Airs. .

The Air will have all the improvements over the M1 chip in the alleged M2 on-chip system. The Air will have the new design and philosophy of the updated MacBook Pros (so let’s get ready for more ports, more battery life, and a notched screen). And with every change, the MacBook Air will be available in the same pastel color scheme as the iMac lineup.

Forget the current MacBook Air options… this will be the MacBook Air update that Apple wants everyone to notice. You better start saving now.

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