Music Fans Charge Barrier At O2 Arena For Security “Breach” – .

Music Fans Charge Barrier At O2 Arena For Security “Breach” – .

Fans rushed through security gates and made their way to a concert at London’s O2 Arena on Sunday night, in scenes less than a month after the deadly Astroworld crowd crash in the USA.
Most of the young fans were at the old Millennium Dome to see Wizkid, the Nigerian singer and songwriter, as part of his Made In Lagos tour.

The hitmaker “No Stress” plays three nights in the North Greenwich Hall. According to the venue’s website, the first two dates were full and the third was added at a later stage “due to demand.”

In videos shared on social media, a crowd can be seen walking through the main security checkpoint as workers attempt to stop them.

At one point, a metal detecting arch gives way to crush and topple over. In another video, a woman appears to be pushing a site security guard after he grabs another member of the public.

“Watch people walk into the O2 just to watch Wizzy play,” one man wrote on Twitter, alongside one of the clips shared. Meanwhile, a woman with a different video wrote, “I’m so confused. Why do they continue like Wizkid has never performed in London before.

The situation was eventually “contained” and resolved by arena security personnel, according to the O2.

“Tonight there was a break in the security cordon at the entrance to the arena and as a result a number of fans in the queue were able to enter the hall. The situation was quickly brought under control by the staff and the incident was resolved, ”said a spokesperson for the arena. The independent.

“The site is reviewing security procedures for the remaining shows this week and advising fans to arrive early for security checks tomorrow night and again Wednesday. “

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It comes just three weeks after 10 people were killed and dozens more were injured, on the first night of rapper Travis Scott’s two-day Astroworld festival in Houston, Texas.

At least 50,000 people gathered for the third annual event on November 5, with crowd control issues blamed for possible tragedies. People reportedly jumped over turnstiles and fences to enter the sold-out festival without tickets, resulting in large crowds for organizers and on-site medical units being overwhelmed.

A woman on Twitter compared the two events, writing: “People without tickets rushing to the O2 like Astroworld weren’t a few weeks ago…? You are all too weird for me.


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