MrBeast’s IRL Squid game shows people ignore red light – .

MrBeast’s IRL Squid game shows people ignore red light – .

It’s red, which means I’m going, right?
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YouTuber James Steven « MrBeast » Donaldson’s Squid game hobbies are so popular on the video sharing platform that his number of views almost mirrors that of the hit Korean survival drama that inspired him. While it’s easy to see the precision of the non-lethal set, it’s even easier to miss some of the shenanigans in the nearly 26-minute video. A particularly funny moment is at the beginning, where it seems like the contestants just didn’t know how to play red light, green light.

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For the uninitiated – does this common kids game really need an introduction? – the rules for MrBeast’s competitors were simple. When he shouted “green light”, they had leeway to run as fast as possible towards a red line. When he shouted “red light”, the participants had to stop dead, regardless of their position. The competitors had 30 minutes to reach the line, which saw them advance to the next lap. Move any time after the “red light” has been called and they have been eliminated. They also received the ax if they did not arrive on time.

Now of course stopping on a dime is hard for Newton to do. first law of motion: Moving objects remain in motion unless an opposing force acts on them. So if you run at your top speed at the “green light” and then are told to stop immediately at the “red light”, it is possible that your momentum is still propelling you forward, causing you to knock out and lose the prize. in cash of $ 456,000. . It makes sense. But there were participants who didn’t care, just walking through the red light as if MrBeast hadn’t said anything at all.

I mean, watch the video above and go to the 1:18 mark. MrBeast clearly said “red light” and although everyone had stopped, candidate number 134 continued to wiggle his legs as if walking through the streets of town or whatever. Something similar happened around 3:08 am, during which several people, including a person whose number appeared to be 023, took a few steps… on a red light. This was an obvious tip, as MrBeast yelled “red light” when players were already at a standstill to see who was gullible enough to fall for the trap. Even still, the last time I checked you can’t move on the red, folks.

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I’m not going to blame the participants for how terribly some of them performed. Red Light, Green Light is a challenging physics based game! It doesn’t help that there is so much adrenaline flowing through your veins as you play that actually hearing and internalizing the “red light” or “green light” is a task in itself. So I get it: you hear “red light” and you move instinctively anyway, the body probably registering it as “green light” before the brain has a chance to process the information. But that’s why we practice active listening, isn’t it?


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