Mohawk Valley Junior Frontiers Says Regarding Covid: ‘Don’t Take It Home’

Mohawk Valley Junior Frontiers Says Regarding Covid: ‘Don’t Take It Home’

UTICA, NY – Don’t bring it home. This is the message from Mohawk Valley Junior Frontiers when it comes to stopping the spread of covid 19.

The Junior Frontiers spent their Saturday afternoon handing out bags of cleaning supplies at the back of the former Utica Academy of Sciences Middle School located on Lincoln Ave in Utica.

The bags contained items such as paper towels, disinfectant wipes, Lysol spray, antibacterial soap and face shields.

Unice Elliott Jefferson, president of Mohawk Valley Frontiers, said they had enough bags to provide cleaning supplies to 250 households. The supplies were available to anyone who needed them while they lasted.

“It’s unfortunate that we had to kill so many people locally for people to realize the virus was real,” Jefferson says. “Although you can’t see it, it’s real. Because we have such a large number of unvaccinated individuals, it is very important that we continue to play a role in cleaning up and mitigating the virus until we are at a level of non-existence ” .

Saturday’s event was just one of many community service projects the Mohawk Valley Junior Frontiers are involved in.

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