Miz less famous – .

Miz less famous – .

AEW Dynamite (November 24, 2021) emanated from the Wintrust Arena in Chicago, IL. The show starred CM Punk and MJF in a verbal showdown, Bryan Danielson and Hangman Page increasing the anticipation of their physical clash, as well as Thunder Rosa and Jamie Hayter in a supreme slobberknocker.

Be aware of all Dynamite details with the excellent play-by-play of Claire Elizabeth.

Miz less known

If you had told me that CM Punk would open the show for a match against QT Marshall during the first 40 minutes of the program, I would have wondered what the catch is. The catch is, MJF comes in to act like a less famous Miz.

Punk walked into the ring for a thunderous pop in his hometown, then MJF arrived to halt the proceedings, just like Punk interrupted him last week. MJF led with insults about Punk looking like a meth addict despite being straight edge and an unflattering reference to Punk’s MMA career. He was annoyed not to be named by Punk in interviews about the talent he would like to fight. MJF wasn’t worried about Punk’s homemade bomb skills, as he was dropping nukes.

Punk was disappointed that MJF was looking for some handy fruit in his reviews. The reason Punk never mentioned MJF is that he didn’t want to feed that ego. Punk warmed up by comparing MJF to a lesser-known Miz. MJF returned the volley by pointing out that Punk was still second best behind John Cena and HHH. MJF didn’t name them straight away, but the clues were obvious. And in AEW, Punk will always be the second best behind MJF. Punk can claim to be the best in the world, however, MJF is better and he knows it.

Punk didn’t hesitate to compare familiar opponents. He didn’t have to cheat to beat Darby Allin. Punk scored a fatal blow by saying that MJF doesn’t even realize he’s been replaced by Britt Baker as one of AEW’s Four Pillars. The tension intensified in removing the clothes to engage in punches, except that MJF walked out of the ring with a smile on his face as the crowd booed.

This opening segment lasted almost 20 minutes and ranked as one of AEW’s best promotional battles in the company’s young history. Pay attention to yourself.

The feud between Punk and MJF has lasted two weeks so far. The silence last week spoke volumes. This week has been so meaningful, it may have been longer than any game on the show. Talk about opposite sides of the spectrum. Both approaches have worked incredibly well. I’m not the type to do very long promo sessions, but it has held my attention throughout.

It’s a tough round to call a winner tonight. The level of insults became more acute with each passage of the microphone. I love how the MJF tagline actually flowed into the context of the conversation instead of an additional supplement. In the end, I think I would give Punk the edge for the four pillar line. Who do you mark as the winner in this war of words?

After all that, Punk still had one game to go. QT was more competitive than expected. After eating five body slaps, he rallied for a Liger bomb for a near victory. Punk turned the tide with a whim. He performed a flurry of maneuvering to close with a flying elbow and GTS.

Cowardly shit

On the world title stage, Bryan Danielson continued his swift and efficient escalation towards Public Enemy No.1 as he prepares for Hangman Page. Danielson mowed down another member of the Dark Order in Colt Cabana. The Chicago babyface met his demise when Danielson dodged a clothesline for a teardown to give him a head butt. Danielson then made the transition to flex his biceps before securing the LeBell lock.

Danielson was then at the microphone to scoldingly disapprove of the spectators. He claimed fans were fickle for cheering him on before and booing him now, even though he hasn’t changed. Danielson has called another member of the Black Order for next week. It was then that Hangman responded. He arrived in his gear ready to fight. The champion offered a title match then and there. Since Danielson had just competed, he called this tactic coward shit instead of cowboy shit. Punches erupted and Danielson escaped before a Buckshot lariat hit his target.

It’s another feud that’s bonkers with a two week build to date. Danielson was such a good scum shaker. I tend to agree that he displayed a consistent attitude during his AEW run. He hammered it with the taunts, but it feels more like leaning against the energy against him than being a jerk. The hanged man is still as strong as the hero. It’s weird that I want to root for both men. Ultimately, AEW is gearing up for a badass match and that’s what we all as wrestling fans hope for.

Let’s take a shot through the rest of Dynamite.

Gunn Club a battu Bear Country. The bears roughed up Billy and Colten early on. Austin hooked his leg up by running ropes for Colten to strike with the Colt 45 Neck Breaker. Subsequently, Sting took to the stage. Austin only charged Darby Allin to sprint out of the tunnel for a crushing shoulder block. The heroes made their way to the ring, but the Gunn Club retreated.

It’s crazy that Billy vs. Sting is a hot angle in 2021, and I’m all for it. AEW milked Sting all he can, and it still hasn’t turned out badly. I’m surprised they’ve kept Sting fresh for so long. Allin’s blind tackle was the icing on the cake.

The newest member of the Taz team. The Taz team demanded a response from Dante Martin. The contract was in progress when Lio Rush picked up the pen to decline. Martin picked up the pen, signed on the dotted line, and ate Hook’s crisps as an official member of Team Taz. Rush was speechless at the abandonment.

It was an excellent discreet drift. It seemed that Martin had every reason to ditch his suitors, and yet he took the gamble of wearing orange and black. I wonder how he’s going to change his fan-friendly style as a villain. I’m also curious how Rush will react in the near future. Will he recruit more young people? Or maybe a machine like Brian Cage? So many intriguing questions arose from this quick scene. It doesn’t even apply to the deal with Hook and its tokens.

TBS Championship Quarter Final: Thunder Rosa defeated Jamie Hayter. Thunder secured a Peruvian tie submission, so Reba created a referee distraction to allow Dr. Britt Baker DMD to take Thunder off his buddy. The shenanigans backfired when Baker accidentally gave Hayter a super kick as Thunder was diving. Thunder used a cazadora roll-up for the win. Afterward, tension was in the air as Hayter was angry with Baker.

Damn hot. He was a certified slobberknocker. Thunder and Hayter threw bombs throughout the game. Hayter has been somewhat of an afterthought in the ring since returning, but this outing got me noticed. I really want to see more of Hayter now. If she ends up parting ways with Baker for a title match, then I’ll happily watch.

Andrade, Malakai Black and FTR defeated Cody Rhodes, PAC and Lucha Bros. The arrival of the main event broke down into signature maneuvers all around. Black mist spits in PAC’s eyes, so that Andrade can end up with a DDT hammerlock.

There were two stories that emerged during the action. It was first Cody who received loud boos from the fans. They even threw away his lead belt instead of keeping it as a memento. Cody didn’t help his cause by stealing a tag and accidentally punching PAC in the face when Andrade ducked out.

The other story was Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard teasing a showdown. The Dukes were on their feet, but Assistant Jose tried to intervene. The two legends didn’t have it and got together to punch him in the nose. That was it that night.

For the whole game, the action was what you would expect with so much talent involved. No one in particular stood out, because everyone stood out with strength. The finish didn’t really add any progression to the story, but I’m sure PAC won’t be happy with Cody.

Remarks: Jurassic Express has boosted his confidence to unbeatable levels due to his recent victories over the Elite. Christian Cage will make sure they win the titles by tag.

2point0 and Daniel Garcia apologized to Eddie Kingston. After reading his article in The Players’ Tribune, they realized he was no longer hungry. It is the kiss of death for a fighter. They will be there to help him through his difficult times. It turned out to be a trick. After insulting Kingston’s relationship with Jon Moxley, Garcia threw coffee in Kingston’s face. Kingston vs. Garcia takes place on Friday night on Carnage.

Adam Cole and Bobby Fish were frustrated with losing lately. They went on a tangent about being best friends. Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy and Wheeler Yuta walked around with beef on the name Best Friends, so a match was made for Cole & Fish against Cassidy & Yuta on Carnage.

Chris Jericho was interrupted by 2point0 and Garcia. They thought he would appreciate their efforts to attack Kingston. Wrong. If they interrupt The Champion again, he’ll sink his teeth into their throats.

Tony Schiavone spoiled Friendsgiving by telling Baker about a future match for Carnage. Since Riho has never been officially eliminated at Casino Battle Royale, she will have a chance to win a title by beating Baker in singles.

Ruby Soho and Kris Statlander had a lot of hype for their TBS Championship tournament game next week.

The stallions of the show: Thunder Rosa and Jamie Hayter

Their fight was won with physicality and intensity. It was my choice for the game of the evening.

Dud of the Show: square head

Chris Jericho has been scraping rock bottom lately for his insults. Emphasizing Matt Lee’s square head isn’t that provocative or eye-catching. What do I know though. The crowd took off with it like a song so I guess it was a hit.

Note : B+

Hats off to AEW. It would have been easy to call him the day before Thanksgiving. Instead, all of the wrestlers went full speed ahead to create an enthralling spectacle. Matches that weren’t that competitive on paper were backed up by intrigue. The promos between CM Punk & MJF and Hangman Page & Bryan Danielson were captivating. Those alone were worth the time spent as a spectator.

Share your thoughts on Dynamite. How would you rate it? Who stole the show?


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