Miranda McKeon, 19, Has Double Mastectomy to Treat Breast Cancer: “So Grateful” – .

Miranda McKeon, 19, Has Double Mastectomy to Treat Breast Cancer: “So Grateful” – .

Miranda Mckeon

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Miranda McKeon is ready to tackle the next step in her breast cancer treatment process: a double mastectomy.

The 19-year-old Anne with an E star was diagnosed with breast cancer in mid-June, an extremely rare event for a teenage girl, after discovering a lump on her breast. Over the next several months, she underwent eight weeks of intensive chemotherapy which left her “a bit naked,” she wrote in an Instagram post reflecting the experience.

On Wednesday, nearly a month after her last round of chemotherapy, McKeon is due to undergo a double mastectomy, “the operation I have been waiting for nearly 5 months,” she wrote in a new post.

“It will eliminate any cancer and significantly reduce my risk of recurrence in the future,” she added. “It also means ‘I will be cancer free’! “

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McKeon explained that after thoroughly researching her options with her mother, they decided that she would have a sensation-preserving mastectomy, which means that “more care is taken when cutting nerves and transplants. nerve cells are done to rebuild the severed nerves ”, and she will retain sensation in her chest, unlike traditional mastectomies where the nerves are not repaired.

“While it will certainly take a little while, I am so grateful that I can look and feel like myself again! ” she said.

After the surgery, McKeon will begin radiation therapy to destroy any remaining cancer cells and reduce the risk of recurrence.

As always, I cannot thank everyone enough for their continued support, ”she said. “The people in my life present themselves to me every day in such a loving and heartwarming way. I am a lucky girl !!!!!! “

McKeon spoke with PEOPLE a month after her diagnosis and said her goal with her treatment, other than stopping her cancer, was to “find the beauty in it all.”

“I wouldn’t have chosen that, I didn’t choose that, I don’t think anybody would choose that,” she said. “But I do my job to try to get something out of it. “

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She achieves this in particular by sharing her experience on her blog and on Instagram, where she has more than a million followers.

“It’s so cathartic for me,” she said. “My blog is the only thing that’s super tangible that came out of where I’m like ‘Shit, this is awesome.’ I hope that by documenting a good majority of this, someone else can ultimately read it when they need to and find comfort and healing in the way I read it. ‘write. “


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