Mexican teens filmed in attack on elderly man – .

Mexican teens filmed in attack on elderly man – .

Shocking video captures the moment a young Mexican thug strikes and knocks out an elderly man in a horrific, unprovoked attack.

Police said the anonymous offender and his friends were in custody after being exposed by their parents in the blatant attack on Guadalajara last week that shocked local officials, Mexico News Daily reported.

“Young people, without conscience or values ​​that strike an old person for the simple pleasure outside the market of Alcalde, are the harsh reality and the consequence of the moment when social degradation spreads like cancer”, declared the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro.

Footage shows the group of teenagers walking towards the victim at the Mexican town’s central market on Thursday when one suddenly turns around and hits the unsuspecting man, a video posted on Twitter by Azteca Digital journalist Jorge Kirschner shows.

The bully then hits the victim two more times before the injured man collapses to the ground – the teens stepping on him and leaving him unconscious behind him.

Police launched a search for four teenagers in the attack and arrested three of them after they were reported by their parents, according to Mexican newspaper El Informador.

One of the teenagers suddenly turned and punched the unsuspecting man in a market.
Twitter/Azteca Digital
The group left the victim collapsed on the ground and unconscious.
Twitter/Azteca Digital

Two of the teens were later identified as Jesus N and Alonso N via social media, but they were not officially named, according to reports.

No other details of the case have been disclosed.


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