Metro Vancouver gas stations sell out as residents respond to restrictions (PHOTOS) – .

Metro Vancouver gas stations sell out as residents respond to restrictions (PHOTOS) – .

Since Friday, November 19, a provincial ordinance to restrict gasoline for non-essential drivers in parts of the province has resulted in pain at the pump.
For ten days, non-essential drivers are limited to refueling 30 L at a time. The province urged British Columbians to conserve gas where they can by using alternative transportation.

Enforcement of the order relies primarily on the honor system, with Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth saying “the majority of people will do the right thing.”

The province said it will work with retailers and gasoline distributors to ensure remaining gasoline reserves last and the order is expected to remain in place until Dec. 1, 2021.

In the Lower Mainland, news of the restrictions has led to what appears to be a gasoline race in some places with reports of sold-out gas stations.

On Twitter, users shared photos and messages of sold-out stations wrapped in yellow tape, long queues, and people even filling jerry cans.

The Cenovus Group, which runs Husky Gas, said in a statement to Daily Hive that “the current road closures, delays and increased travel times, combined with increased demand resulting from what appear to be panic purchases, make it difficult to keep a sufficient quantity of products. on our sites.

“Our logistics team are working hard to try to ensure adequate supplies,” they said.

Daily Hive has contacted Shell and Petro-Canada for additional information and will update this story.


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