Marks and Spencer Confirms Dolphin Center Store Closure – .

Marks and Spencer Confirms Dolphin Center Store Closure – .

THE Marks and Spencer store in Poole will close permanently, the retail giant has confirmed, despite calls from residents to remain open.

Consultation with employees continues, but the store’s closure – which first opened in 1971 – was confirmed in January.

The news is a “huge disappointment” for one of Marks and Spencer’s biggest supporters, Tricia Hercoe, whose petition to save the store has garnered more than 3,600 signatures.

The Poole resident, affectionately known as ‘Mrs. M&S’, started the petition last month in an effort to save the store from closure.

Tricia said: “I am very disappointed and I am sure the people of Poole will be very disappointed.

Tricia Hercoe

“I’ve had a lot of comments that people can’t go to Castlepoint because it’s too far. People are just supposed to go online, but not everyone can.

“People are going to feel very disappointed with Marks and Spencer. “

“I guess M&S had already made up its mind. At the end of the day, it’s a business and if it doesn’t make money, it will shut down. It is not rocket science.

“I just thought it was worth it and I’m not sorry I did it even though it was a bad result, but it got people thinking.

“I just think it’s sad they’re closing down. “

Still a loyal Marks and Spencer fan, Tricia said, “I mean there’s been a lot of bad comments on Marks and Spencer in the weeks since this happened and I’ve tried not to bring them up. because i think they are still a nice shop.

“I will always shop there, but online, and I could go to Castlepoint sometimes. But if I’m going to visit a place where there is a Marks and Spencer, that will be the shop I do.

An official closing date has yet to be set, although the department store said shoppers can expect the Dolphin Center M&S to close in January.

A spokesperson for Marks and Spencer said: “The consultation with colleagues at our Poole store is ongoing, but the store has been confirmed to close as part of this and we expect the closure to take place in January. 2022. “


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