Mandatory jabs will be introduced for frontline NHS staff in England from April, says Sajid Javid – .

Mandatory jabs will be introduced for frontline NHS staff in England from April, says Sajid Javid – .

Mandatory COVID-19 jabs will be introduced from April for frontline NHS staff in England and those working in social services, Sajid Javid said.

Announcing the move to the Commons, the health secretary said he took the responses to a consultation and advice from NHS officials and leaders into account in making the decision.

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“We need to avoid preventable damage and protect NHS patients, protect NHS colleagues and of course protect the NHS itself,” he told MPs.

Mr Javid said 90% of NHS staff had received at least two doses of a COVID-19[feminine[feminine vaccine, although he added that in some trusts the figure is “closer to 80%”.

The latest data shows that more than 103,000 health workers in England have still not been vaccinated, along with 105,000 home care workers.

“It is unclear which part of this number will accept the offer of vaccination,” Mr Javid said.

“If we look at what has happened with social care, nursing homes, since this policy was announced there has been a significant drop in the equivalent number and I think we can certainly expect that here. . “

The mandate applies to health establishments and social services in the broad sense regulated by the Commission for the quality of care.

Doctors, nurses, dentists and home care workers will be affected by the move, as will auxiliary staff such as porters and receptionists who may have contact with patients but are not directly involved in their care.

Volunteers are also affected.

Only those who do not have direct contact with patients or who are medically exempt will not be required to be vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the health secretary said staff would not be required to get the winter flu shot, although this remains under review.

Mr Javid insisted that the decision to go ahead with mandatory COVID vaccines for NHS staff does not mean the government is ignoring concerns about ‘pressures on the workforce’ this winter.

“It is in this spirit that we have chosen that the condition does not come into force until 12 weeks after parliamentary approval, leaving time for the remaining colleagues to make the positive choice to protect themselves from those around them, and time to workforce planning, ”he said.

Shadow Labor Secretary for Health Jonathan Ashworth said the party wanted NHS staff vaccinated, but urged the government to “proceed with caution” given the potential for staff shortages.

“There will be confidence concern that a policy, even laudable in principle, could exacerbate some of these chronic understaffing issues – we simply cannot afford to lose thousands of NHS workers overnight, ”he said.

COVID vaccines for nursing home workers have already been made mandatory – with a deadline of Thursday for them to be fully vaccinated.

Mr Javid told MPs that since the announcement in June, the number of care home workers who have not received at least one dose has risen from 88,000 to 32,000.

Royal College of Nursing chief executive Pat Cullen said the “vast majority” of NHS nurses received a jab “as soon as it was offered.

“With the five months until this decision takes effect, the government and employers must continue to engage with the small minority who have chosen not to be vaccinated,” she said.

NHS Chief Executive Amanda Pritchard said: ‘The NHS has always been clear that staff should be vaccinated against COVID to protect themselves, their loved ones and patients, and the overwhelming majority l ‘has already done.

“By working with NHS organizations, we will continue to help staff who have not yet received the vaccination to accept the evergreen offer. “

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