Manchester United get good draw at Chelsea but Roy Keane lashes out at Red Devils and criticizes Michael Carrick’s post-match comments – .

Manchester United get good draw at Chelsea but Roy Keane lashes out at Red Devils and criticizes Michael Carrick’s post-match comments – .

A draw at Chelsea is a decent result for Manchester United, but that hasn’t stopped Roy Keane from entering the club.

Goalkeeper boss Michael Carrick argued the Chelsea equalizer penalty should not have been imposed and praised his players for executing their game plan at Stamford Bridge.

No loss in two games with Carrick at the wheel but Keane is still not happy with the way things are going at Man United

This did not suit Keane, who criticized Carrick for the interview he gave with Sky Sports after the 1-1 draw.

“I don’t agree with everything he said in this interview,” Keane told Sky Sports.

“He’s talking about a plan, he’s talking about the penalty, of course it was a penalty.

“He talks about the player’s efforts, he’s proud of them, he’s been working with the players for a few months… he was alongside Ole [Gunnar Solskjaer]. He was in the canoe with Ole, and now all of a sudden he’s proud of them this week and they had a plan? What about all the other games?

Carrick was Solskjaer’s assistant before the Norwegian was sacked earlier this month

“It’s ridiculous, he’s been sitting in the dugout the last few months with Ole, the last few years, and he’s also been sitting with Jose Mourinho, and all of a sudden he’s proud of the players this week?” He works with the same players.

This may be the last game with Carrick at the helm of Man United before Ralf Rangnick takes the reins until the end of the season.

Keane has expressed unhappiness with the way recruiting has been going at Old Trafford lately, suggesting that earlier decisions have led the club to finish lower in the Premier League table than they would like.

“They have to be held accountable, some of the staff, because they weren’t just with Ole,” Keane added. “They were also with Mourinho before that, and what are they going to stay with the new manager?


Keane has not given any names but is unhappy with the way the club have recruited in the past

“I have a feeling at Manchester United that in the last few years some of the backroom staff, the people upstairs, I think there is now an element of jobs at Man United for boys, you know, wink wink, look after each other, know the right people, and that’s why they’re eighth or ninth in the league.

“The proof is in the pudding over the next few months, the next few years who comes into the club with, and it’s not because you know someone, or because you have a certain agent.

“We hope that whoever comes into the club, and when they come in, they start making the right decisions and recruiting the right people for the job, and not because you might know someone, or because someone. a is a decent guy.

“The idea of ​​loyalty in the game, if you want loyalty, go get yourself a dog, you have to work with decent people who do their job well.

“It’s definitely a buddy game going on at Man United, without a doubt. “

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